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Today's guest is someone really dear to me. I love her and we share a special bond. That only comes after. One person has sat on the other person's shoulders a pool of lukewarm water. For eight hours straight. I mean we all have that friend right. Yes you guessed it. It's ellie kemper now listening back to this one. This was a bit of a trip for me. Because i i spoke with ellie in april of twenty twenty. Does anyone remember something that was going on in the world around that time. No not murder hornets. no not Not running for president. Now it was the early days of the global pandemic known as corona virus. So i talked to ellie over zoom. This was back win. Zoom was still new thing. I didn't even know what a zoom was at that point. But you're going to hear us trying to figure out the technology talking about quarantine. We were so naive back then anyways enough about that. Let's just focus on our conversation. Our great conversation and the great episode. That i have for you so sit back. Relax and listen to the soothing. Sound of me and the hilarious. Ellie kemper bubbling. Squeaky bubbling squeak. Squeak cooking left over from the night. Before m i in the meeting. Oh l. e. u. r. n. Them meeting a me. Can you hear me okay. i'm actually don't know. Can you hear me okay. I can hear you crystal clear god. That's so great ellie. It's so nice to hear your voice. Or i n i have been looking. It's so nice to hear your voice. I have been looking forward to this for many reasons. I mean originally. You know. This meeting is being recorded. Oh okay we got it. And i was looking forward to it. Of course for obvious reasons and now during this unimaginable time it is nice. Hear your voice i know. Are you all okay. Yes we are hunkering down. You guys just decided to get out of new york. We were actually in montreal. When like mid march or whenever everything started shutting down so we were already out of new york. We decided better to avoid going back there. So that's why we came to saint. Louis which is where i'm do you know him from. Yeah no i know. No i know. Janna phyllis all of you guys all of the cool cats have you seen ferries or no because your social distancing social distancing. I've seen i've seen have you seen that. I've seen no one i. I don't know how to interact with humans. Anymore is my family. You're not gonna be weird. I think it is well. We were wanting to person we were. But it's so nice to hear from you. I mean. I've heard the phone. Yeah i just can't believe that like what was it two months ago when we were trying to meet up in new york and it seemed like a very normal like logistics that got in the way it was like. Oh yeah i'm going to be near. Oh great you're flying to new york on an airplane with other passengers. And i'll meet you down you don't and i'll give you a hug and like lick your mom yeah. There won't be the issues. I know exactly ellie. So what were you doing. What were you doing before the office was. I doing okay so i was very little but that's not true. I was doing commercials. That's how i was earning money through commercials in terms of i guess creative opportunities..

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