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Up in the air as to whether major events this weekend like the city's Puerto Rican day parade or the Belmont stakes will happen there's a reason the term game time decision is introduced into sports some of this stuff is just so unpredictable you know mother nature is going to do with mother desires to do so those who are hosting these events we're going to give our recommendations New York City schools say they will have remote instruction for students today in a eyes 5 -4 ruling the Supreme Court struck down alabama's congressional map that critics said diluted the power of black voters upheld a lower court ruling that found a redistricting map drawn by the Republican -led Alabama Violated Voting Rights Act Well Ross with the legal defense fund to argue case on the behalf of the plaintiffs suing to change the congressional map having more representation in Congress will mean that those folks who live there will have more access to make sure that Congress and federal our government is responsive to their needs Ross spoke to ABC Ukraine is calling on Russia to stop shelling during evacuation efforts in the Khursan region many people are stranded following flooding from a destroyed dam Global News 24 hours a day powered by more than 2 ,700 journalists and analysts in over 120 countries I'm Michael Barr. This Bloomberg native. Thanks Michael I -33 on Wall Street time for the Bloomberg sports update. Here's John Stashauer. All right, Nathan the NBA and Stanley Cup finals both going now on right down the road from each other tonight it's the NBA with Denver up 2 -1 on Miami last night game three of the Stanley Cup final in Florida trail Vegas late got a tying goal from Matthew Kuchuk who was only on the ice having cleared concussion protocol the game went to overtime up the near side looks across for Hagee high sludge shots he The overtime winner here in game three. The Panthers take it three to the final. KUAM Vegas now leads the series 2 -1 the Panthers had been 0 and 6 in their history in cup final games they've now played seven overtime games in these playoffs and they've won all seven In the Bronx the air quality improved the Yankees and White Sox able to play twice. Chicago won 6 -5. Yanks then got the 3 -0 rookie Randy Vasquez allowed only two hits he got the win and then he got sent back to the minor. 6th loss in a row for the Mets who have fallen down to 4th place swept in Atlanta in all three games the Mets had at least a 3 -1 lead in the 6th inning they were up 10 -6 in the 6th the Braves stormed back to win 13 -10 on an Ozzy Albies walk -off 3 -1 homer 10th inning the Mets were without Pete Alonzo he was back York in New for tests on his injured wrist a much anticipated French Open semifinal coming up this morning Novak Djokovic against Carlos Alcaraz tomorrow in New York is the 155th running of the Belmont Stakes but only if the air quality index is under 200 if not the race may get postponed John Stashauer Bloomberg Sports okay John thanks S &P futures right now are down two points Dow futures down 52 NASDAQ futures up five points the ten -year Treasury is down seven thirty seconds yields three point seven four percent the two -year yield four point five four and NYMEX crude trades a half percent higher at seventy one dollar sixty cents a barrel your business landscape with the planet in his black card you can work out and perk out because for one dollar down in 24 .99 a month cancel anytime your membership is packed with perks like access to any club bring a friend for free entry to the black card spot and more perk out with the p .m. black card deal ends June 14 see home club for details is ever changing there could be a lot more selling to come ours is to just getting some headlines on a bring to our audience we also have the unknown of how much can financial assets take we have something else in common the small caps continuing to feel the pressure seek we out the latest business news wherever we are but deep drop in Asian equities overnight which is also points to the downside Bloomberg Radio the Bloomberg

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