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She was laughing. But everybody's laughing. I'm so embarrassed. And you know what what it rustu. I'm gonna pull tom's here the next time we stood up. We went to sit down and tom landed up on the floor. My best friend and everybody laughed. And i laughed and i can even remember what room this took place in the flag. Shirts is just vivid in my mind and sister watson looked at me and said russ vengeance is suite isn't it and it was for about ten seconds on never forget that i love sister watson. She taught me a lesson. She didn't scream at me or yell at me or take me to my parents. I'll never forget her. And i'll never forget that. Say vengeance sweet. We have to think about our actions. Jesus did not retaliate. I should not have retaliate. But it sure was sweet for a minute but later on i was ashamed. I'd never shared this with my parents. I probably should have. But i didn't. I'm sharing with you this morning. But jesus didn't retaliate and we don't need to retali- because of the lord knows what he's when he suffered he made no threats whereas twenty-three he lifted himself up and spoke from the clock cross. He spoke about the people he spoke about what he was going through spoke to his father. He spoke to the thief on the cross but he never talked about his suffering. He didn't scream out his suffering. He didn't threaten people from the cross because he knew what was going to happen. You know one of the things that amazes me the most is if you go into the old testament read about the relationship between king saw and david david was in the court. He was playing this harp and what did saw do he picked up a spear that's right lewis and he threw it at david didn't he. He missed him. And do you know what david did nothing. Nothing somebody said nothing. He didn't throw the spear back. And i thought isn't that a great example for us christians. Don't throw the spear back. Don't get upset and you have that about. Jesus we've gotta hurry. We're almost done here. It steady and trust himself to him who judges justly. That's exactly what we're talking about a twenty three verse twenty three we have to entrust ourselves. God he's going to take care of it on the judgment day. Don't forget that that's what jesus did. He said i'm going to let god. I'm gonna let my father take care of this on the judgment day. I don't have to be god. I don't have to be a judge and in verse twenty three. Jesus entrusted himself to him who judges justly. That's powerful. If jesus can trust god to take care of him then maybe we should. Don't you think i just love that. Verse what peter saying. Christians give up the right to get even. That's what it comes down to chuck you have to give in. Don't give in to try to take engines. That's the one guy. I know he take vengeance right. We have to give that right up. Because god will take care of it. He's going to act on our behalf. That's what faces all about. If you really have faith in god doing it taking care of business. That's what faith is all about. The world says someone's gotta pay. We're going to pay back. We're going to take vengeance. I'm gonna get even. That's not what christian should do. That's what the world says. That's not what we need to say. No one gets away with anything. Put that down on that outline. Nobody gets away with anything with that in the back there and remember god's gonna take care of it. He's going to take care of his time is coming. His action is coming and when we have faith enough to realize that will entrust to him. He's going to do it. That'll make us feel so much. Better fact enrollments. Chapter twelve verse. Fourteen says i will repay. Who do you think you are trying to pay people back. Those are words for russ in second grade. I should said that. Let the lord take care of these things. I don't think the lord cares about that. Cherubini pulled out from under me. He has more important things on his mind. Don't you so let's trust. Let's let him do it. Let's let him repay for us unforgiving and this is what happens. Unforgiving hinders our prayers are singing. Our lord's supper are giving our worship. Our marriage our life our children everything is affected because of this and not only that but it makes our life miserable when you have to repay somebody for something it takes a lot of planning and we have to get back at them and we have to get angry and we have to make things happen and try to organize our lives so we can repay them. That makes her whole life miserable. That's why i wanted to think about this as we close. I want you to think about what the lord did because this is. What's.

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