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Yeah, man, it feels crazy. You'll probably hear a little bit of echo this week because I don't have any of the foam installed and stuff like that. But yeah, and the new house in Concorde just outside Charlotte, so any particular reason you chose that location of the country? Well, you know, I mean, it's almost like we do this thing where a bunch of teams are located in this area. I see. I see. So it's NASCAR related. Yeah, and so the cool thing, the takeaway that I have in the first week I've been here. Is when you're driving on highways and Texas, California, wherever you live, you see the adopt a highway program. Yep. And it's always weird companies that you don't even really know in your state or whatever you're like, whatever. Yeah, I'm driving through here, and it's motor racing network. It's Hendrick auto group. It's all these NASCAR companies. And it's like, oh, cool. I actually know all these guys. That's cool. That is cool. You should take pictures of that. That's pretty interesting. I wouldn't know that if you haven't been there. I was driving down to the gas station today, see racing electronics is building and the NASCAR technical institute. There's a bunch of cool stuff. So it's just interesting. One thing you won't find there is mechanics where, you know how I know that? Because they're where you're at. They were out exactly. I don't know why, but mechanics where is just a few miles from my house. Big, massive building. I mean, just huge. I think rowdy dragon live out that way, too. I think he lives in the Sonoma area. Doesn't he? Okay, I knew he was in California. Wasn't sure where. Yeah, it's a big state. I.

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