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Splunk and support your missions by visiting Splunk dot com slash public sector. Good morning, it's 8 O 8. Traffic and weather on the 8s and its back over to Jack now in the traffic center. We had had an issue in the district down in southeast, northbound, south capital street near Martin Luther King Jr. avenue, the earlier wreck has now cleared. We've got some slowing on I two 95 northbound, up near laboratory road, then exiting to go in on the 11th street bridge, D.C. two 95 will slow after eastern avenue just beyond east capital street. We're a little slower now northbound in the third street tunnel headed up toward the light of New York avenue and heavy traffic only northeastern and northwest going in battle, New York avenue so far this morning so good. Bellway, Maryland, south of town, a little heavy inner loop, two ten toward the Wilson bridge, slower, topside outer loop from 95 over to Georgia avenue. We've got a delay again on two 70 mainline southbound toward Georgetown road riding toward three 55 and a delay building now near democracy boulevard in the southbound spur, getting onto the outer loop. Two 70 pretty much cleared out south from Frederick, you may find a brake light or two passing one O 9, but nothing reported in your way. Third wreck of the morning out of the roadway now delays yeast, Middletown east on 70 toward Frederick, the crash after route 40 moved over onto the right shoulder. Now you will find in Virginia looking a little bit better now in 66 going eastbound. We were just heavy leaving 28 in centerville, then heavy, one 23 toward the beltway. West 66, the crash after the beltway was along the right, side, now new trouble 66 east after the Prince William Parkway, there's a new wreck along the left side of the roadway. Police investigation and lacy Woods park that's affecting George Mason drive basically between Washington boulevard and 66 follow any police direction in the area. Visit Fitz mall dot com to find a safe used car Fitzgerald has hundreds of cars, trucks and SUVs next to a new car of its way used car is best. Visit fit small dot com today. Jack Taylor TOP traffic is slow or clogged drains called Michael and son and get $100 off I trained cleaning today. Not a storm T four Mike stunner. The remnants of E and are coming our way, going to be cloudy today. It's going to turn windy. We'll see rain developing this afternoon that rain may be heavy at times by

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