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But Christ did not come down from the cries because those granted the right words no a pope must go and put up be the personification of the crucified. Christ if you do issue will damage the papacy forever damage. Will I do if I remain. When France first approaches has benedict? He comes to To extensively to resign he wants to leave the church and he. He is fully respectful of whatever he thinks benedict. He is the pope. And there's a sense of all when he walks into the Sistine Chapel Allan. This is something about the presence of Benedict and I had that as an actor because You know as a young actor. I've I've followed Anthony Hopkins career. And I. Yeah I was nervous of meeting him in working with him on that sensible and wonder about this particular man with this fellow Welshman and then the other side of it is that Tony and I just got on really really well and we made each other laugh. There was intense rivalry between the two overs because the coal sheet which lists the actors names and the order of seniority on the of the cast and I was number one and number two. Is Tony Tony Hopkins and he was constantly ribbing me for being number one. He kept moving the number on my trailer to his and had huge huge signs made for his trailer trying to boost his importance and we email each other quite often and he still emails me. Good morning number one from manage the points from Sir number two. Just let me know. We're talking with Jonathan Pryce about his movie. The two popes Fernando seems teams very willing to let you as actors be actors. He's very patient with a camera. Not doing anything too. Fancy of the cameras very present. It's very close to. US actors. Turn Cesar the cameraman When I was first in Bonus Harris on the first day? I'm always saying things about the scene. And Fernando came came to me says don't worry about what says Uh said he's the other director and it was just wonderful to watch his work. You've got static cameras and most of the scenes and in the middle says is a hand held and you can save on the camera's always moving and you just knew every ever you did says I was going to capture it any little. Look any whatever he was there. You know it's it's about two men talking but they energy and the movement in those do a logs. It's just it's wonderful and that's why you know a lot of the audience will go in thinking. Oh we're going to see rather dry conversation between two pokes and we undercut those expectations all the time with the foam. Even the opening sequence funds were. He's on the phone trying to book a ticket. Welcome to this guy. Good Morning I am looking team for a flight from Rome to produce. I know I can book it on the Internet but I wanNA just moved here. Begun you hockey goalie. Well yes in fact. I'm not sure Vatican City and the agent hangs up on him when he says his return address is the Vatican data. Can She thinks that the opening image and laughter out from the audience and I. It's great because it's we let them know it's okay to laugh. Jonathan great to see you. Thanks for calling the show. Thank you very much thanks. The two popes is in select theaters eaters now in on Net flicks on December twentieth. And that'll do it for today. I'm John Horn. Thanks for listening. We're back here tomorrow at the Broadcast Center..

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Benedict, Tony Tony Hopkins, Director discussed on The Frame

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