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There's so much more to talk about today's program. He man he meant has returned with humana. Revelations the kevin smith spectacle the animated series. That's now going to appear this weekend on netflix. And we'll talk about netflix in the second because they shared their numbers and some interesting little tidbits on that. But and i think i was on with you when when i talked about the trailer because you actually broke down come on share your thoughts church. Remember when we were going to therapy right here on the show a couple of weeks back. He told me on the couch. And you were just like answering like you're the analyst going you know. I want you to speak your mind. Speak your mind gerald. Speak your mind on me an revelations. I think you might be the foremost authority. When it comes to the he man stuff you know so like when you watched it back in the day. But i was already a teenager by that time i mean rob mccallum our good friend here the show award winning director and guy that's going to be directing. The upcoming documentary faking film which touches on a lot of human subjects. He's the expert on it. But it's something that. I am familiar with over the course of time. I did watch originally back in the day. The horrible dolph lundgren live action film. Which is now considered a camp classic. There's been several attempts to try and get back to live. This of any is going to probably be the most high profile. Because it does have kevin smith's name behind it and a lot of big name actors involved with it again for me. I love mark hamill one of the greatest voice actors of all time possibly the greatest voice actor of all time and i think if he ever retires. Joker you need to retire joker. That's how our agrio on that and he doesn't play a bad skeletal you know. And that's the thing i want to say. But when you have alan oppenheimer in there who is original voices skeleton for and he did a couple years ago. A rock in geico commercial. Catch alone.

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