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Handwritten card from herb Kelleher. That said, hey, I know about your dealership we want to be the prestige Ford of airlines. Oh, my. Oh. Yes. Let's go to say, you're you couldn't have worn the same hat out that day that you wore that more one of the highest compliment anybody could have ever given me Cindy, San Antonio, San Diego. California, welcome. Cindy, how can I help you? I'm sorry. I was on the. I was calling you because I'm interested in purchasing an algae the eighth street a two thousand nineteen currently I'm driving Honda Accord, and I want it looking a little bit smaller. And I just want to your thoughts about that the cards. So it's up. I have I've had I've had Audis in the past in the thought they were great one thing out. He does. Consistently is their interior quality is amazing. The other thing that that that I love about out is they're just flat fund drive, and I haven't had a three and a few years. I did have it back. I think twenty six hundred twenty seventeen I remember the car very well. Even though I drive over one hundred a year. The this was a manual transmissions a three, and I just had a blast in it. And I'm typically not a smaller car person, but just zipping around and parking this thing and shifting gears. It felt like it had more power than they actually did got great gas mileage, Cindy Aki think of a single thing bad to tell you except I don't have an how dealer southern California. But hopefully will soon. New track are used let the car pro health one eight hundred nine to six seventy seven seventy seven. What is hope hope to me was just that? He would get to come home. I had no idea how hard it would be once he got back. I wish you'd stop drinking so much she thinks it's helping but it's not. I hope she sees that soon. I'd like I don't care if he comes to my games. But I hope he does I used to hope he find happiness again. Now. Mix you could help. Thinks it's too late. Not with everything that he's going through. I hope he sees a counselor. I just want my brother back I hoped he'd get help. Stop hoping things would get better on their own told me to stop asking. I didn't. And one day. He asked for a ride hope is knowing their other families, just like yours that the veterans. They love got help and recovered go.

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