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I just have to then kind of the wraps in the next time that promotion comes back. The state that particular raft doesn't get used and the promotion has full rights to not use a referee for it. They can actually say. I don't WanNA use that referee. He screwed up toys before we mess up. What does I don't WanNA use them? Take them off the rest and at and that's totally possible to me. I was assigned to U. OF C.. Like maybe you've seen one nine nine you'll see two hundred something like that. Maybe not two hundred big. That was a big one. Whatever was something I got assigned to it and like an hour and fifteen minutes later? I'm calling the executive officer officer after I got the assignment. Tobacco got this great great assignment. As I'm looking at my APP tells me an assignment off. Hey what happened. I do something wrong. No no pushy. The young. That's just what it is. Okay that's it. That's just how it goes and go I have I have fighters don't want me to. Their fights just grudges from the past. Whatever better? Whatever reasons they don't they don't like how how I read one of their fights? They'll like how I rough one of their friends fights. They feel like that. Fridays are super. Should we stations the super. You're superstars. They tell their up but their superstitions. Okay should have a podcast. Why would interview fighters before fights healings on it and they were like Oh you interviewed me and last time I interviewed me like a CPA do agree with me really? The last time that he did an interview with me. He lost next week. This is not. He will not superstitious interview them. That it's a problem. I have fighters like no you raft. Tell me honestly thereby fighters were very honest with each other. We try to hire. You don't like somebody. Are you telling you to like him. You don't go O'hare nice to see when you walk away like that motherfucker a piece. They don't do that. We did it right to your face so come in Miami roughing. Oh is is is an issue when my buddy he lost and this is how he lost. I'm like how it is. Okay hold on let me go. Let me go talk to lead inspector. Let me see we can make a change because your company being Europe. Hold on what you look. Let's go see leave spectre can we make a change because you want me to Russia's fight because this this leaders Spector who is my boss on that night. We'll go. nope yours referee. He's got deal with it or they'll go. Yeah you know what we're GONNA make a change. Can swap you in belt transplant. These to fight for no big deal. And that's how it's very simple as fighters have the right right to choose to pick. A different referee comes in promoters. Have the right to pick different referees. Don't like the rest when they show up in this state is completely. It's completely honest and you can say. Hey you are ready for the big time and I'm roughing Beltran I'm roughing. UFC in these events. I am there. I am sitting there in the eye on on TV. I'm doing these events they can come up to you and say hey look Due to the rotation you should have this title fight. You should have the CYBORG Bud. Talbert Fidel to do the way the rotation she works. You're not ready yet. So do is going to give you the swing belt. So it's that's the main event. There's a co main event. TRICIA called swing by which the fight that may have made pay view if it wasn't running over but may not think about anymore. There's no fight that kind of gets held out it. Do we're GonNa put you on that fight. Okay that's decision. You guys are outside my box ax looking into the box. You see my my level you see how good I am. You understand my passion for the sport you understand how referee Ym. And you know that. I'm not ready for that. Fight then I you have to trust you to know that I'm not ready for don't make don't get your ego and away don't get upset. Don't get mad. Just move on okay up that despite this word is and tell you like they let you know hey rotation you should have despite despite. You're not ready yet. Okay good and you never know what he'd been reading. It's not like hey timothy be ready for refrigerator reading. Give me ready when you're ready okay. I'm down here. But here's the thing about him. The May in boxing that price that you get paid changes significantly. I go from making three thousand dollars a night to making twenty five thousand dollars in but it's it's a big significant change in May I'm GonNa make a might make one thousand nine hundred or two thousand if I do the title fight. I'm EK seventeen hundred and fifteen hundred if I don't it doesn't doesn't matter. It's not that big. It's a couple hundred bucks who cares. It doesn't matter right so it's not that big of a deal so no one gets to ego in a way we don't get charged up is a big deal. I gotta I gotTa hadn't hadn't who fucking cares still. What do you know what you're wrapping this Saturday? I won't know until I show up. They will they will release the main event. Nicole made event which my suction option is going to be belchamber men event and hers. We'll get Komeito event. That's the assumption. But I also don't know who also is rafting that night I know Blake Rice's flying in from Carolina Carolina who does a lot of work for us here and he's a senior official to me as well so I'm fourth on the poll. I we'll have a we'll have a TV five hundred seventeen because there's fights on TV. Which one I don't know the first one the third one it will be one and it won't be the good because those will go to the guys with more senior? I'm not I'm just not there. That's just how it works at. That is really the progression grushin going back to our originally about fighters and make good judges and good referees now is financial now is the time but then once you get the Parang she got one hundred amateur bouts. What's in they've given to your pro license here? Here's an interesting story. Pardon after for comedy show though Oh I love it so well did we. Are we on time pin shooting sued. We've got every now and then I like to wear at the two hour. Mark Geddes is easy. Like I can no no. I don't want you to do. I can do podcasts. All along I have no problem. uh-huh yeah I do. This has been. I haven't been told that since I was six but like the only reason I even before you get to your story the only reason I referenced. The Leisure Mir air-fight Is 'cause I'm trying to get the fans to realize the pressure restaurants Kahsmir had I got the feeling he maybe burn bridges with the U. of let's see with the capacity. Yeah and now. He's a Bell Tower. And it's it's a little weird and then listener was like It kind of They wanted him to win in my opinion just like the fight. This Saturday with Sironi McGregor I to me and my opinions are of course. The moneymaker but like to me they're throwing Surani to the wolves like this guy's a fucking soldier no but that's the thing that's thrown as not being thrown to the wolves. Is this a great fight this match make wise this great fight but like but also to of Surani wins. What's going to happen that's my money rematch? So means more money for everybody involved. If it's tough like like I just don't like this guy has been a loyal company Dude. I'm sure it could have gone to Bella. L. A. Towards some point or you know I'm old school I'll say strikeforce. Oh yeah they had the Maybe the grace announcing team ever Gus Johnson College Football Guy Frank Shamrock with the brace do that was awesome like I honestly like. When that whole mayhem Miller Diaz brothers thing abby Johnson's this is like gentlemen we're on TV? I Love Shit like that but like at some point. Somebody say shutters Mike as a fan of sororities like this is bullshit bullshit and I know he's making money like a you know he strikes me as the type of he still fights for the love of the game. Oh yeah sure if I could make hundreds of thousands or whatever he's getting great but like they clearly want McGregor to win so they can possibly build up a Kabri matchup I am I wrong. No no you're right. You're right but the fights go all the way the fight falls. The price could be used to be as real as I guess. That's what it used to be on their on their campus. This is legit. It's going to happen. It's going all the way to fight is gonNA fall with Balladur. We'll okay sits here with the not with them but like it's working like I would guess it Mr Coker to win it'd be because if she loses it say. Oh we're just like when we spend all this money on some is about to leave when she lost a Nunez his money on her to fight to be this great fighter noon as it's the same thing and every promotion you've got gotcha favorites you children. It's what it is it doesn't matter it's what it is but it doesn't really matter they're still going to go to. Your parents are still going to die view if they have to. But there's still a favorite favorite but sometimes I don't do well. It's just how it is. Sometimes the ferris a drug addict prison entire life. That's just how it works but has a raff now like let's just say European Saronic. McGregor you go into that fight. You have an inkling in clean. Maybe that the promotion might be rooting for McGregor. Show you have an inkling but you just don't care but to you. Does that affect the pressure. Like let's let's say Sarony who's not necessarily numbers. Ko Power but like he's still capable of let's say he's got McGregor on the ground he's just killing them. Do you start to think. Jesus I wonder if I stop this no. I don't speak if myself right. I don't I don't know what anybody else thinks. I know that for me. I do not think that I do not pick that pressure. I don't care about what they got to say. I don't care who they want to win. I don't care about ain't stuff what I care about is further safety job. I'm not in there to fight in their to stop you from doing fouls referees job isn't they they don't especially the NFL because the playoffs coming up here pretty soon. The Rep the refs in the line judges for NFL NFL going to say fight NFL match catch game. They don't stand there and go penalty. For throwing thirty touchdown pass nose clean. There was good. Why by stop it the only time they blow the whistle or the flag is when something is wrong? They're there for fighter safety helmet-to-helmet holding things do you damage cut blocking blocking the back like all these things. They're they're it's it's it's player safety. That's what the Russian Jersey therefore players say yes empire strikes and all that stuff. Whatever Boban shirt but it's also player safety see something illegal going on out? There was a bad example. Because things happen baseball it's illegal is usually caught months later like with Houston and the red SOx getting caught for months later they find out later. But they're there for fighters safety my job. As far as safety if I'm refereeing SIRONI money and McGregor and Macgregor's taking a pounding and I have verbiage. There's verbiage that you have to say And we say this back to our prefabs as in the preflight So you're looking forward. If if you hear me say move and you show me move. He just show me still want to be in this fight. Show me want to be in this fight. You may say something like that. Give me some kind of movement. You don't need to give me thumbs up you look. You're okay keep defending. I know what the defense looks like. I know what the movement looks like. But you gotTa Move Right tells me that your head may not be working with your hands anymore. We've got to think about stopping this fight. If you hear me say I'm looking to stop. Despite you gotTa Move Right now. I am walking into. Stop the fight so you gotta give me a big motion to show. Tell me your head and your hands are still coherent otherwise to me. You're you're you're taking enough damage where I can stop this. The only time I get into a problem is when I step in and I don't say anything but I had to stop the fight because a bunch of already come and that happened in the Bell Tower fight I fought in Hawaii. Big News report on it. It kind of went it went viral a little bit it because during the fight the guy got knocked out clean. Act Out right so I step in to fight off. I literally although the little guys so I although the other his opponent off and he flies halfway across the rain because he.

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