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Gosh a lot of 'em really semi old. Is that i'd buy do do blogs about particular have blog posts about particular topics. <hes> you probably have the mesa think of particular <hes> like an own fiction title that i can <hes> <hes> recommend off the top of my head <hes>. I'm i am <hes>. I network with a load of this as well sartor. <hes> you know if there's something that particularly stuck on i need to find a primary source all all <hes> we asked questions like can you recommend a particular resource. Sorry yet it's also i'm very much case. If sometimes you don't the dark noise sorry it is good to to read as widely as you can nonfiction and fiction sources as well yeah. I'm just at the very early stages where that helps at all yeah. It's very early and i'm just i've got save an idea and it's like oh my god by how how do they dress. How did they bother and when i was roommates ride is in new york the american conference few weeks agai. I and they were doing costumes and <hes> there were putting on the bus melissa things oh my god. This is so my hey there will be some you can even find like <hes> she twirls how women dressed christian <hes> eighteenth century clydes and you can say <hes> gave women showing you put on a._m. Or the petty carts and the is and and the petting zoo donate skirts and yet the oldest <hes> our window when i first started out sorry i'm getting these days is much easier to find out <hes> yeah those oval really important well. I'd love if he could tell us more about your book. The lead of black clark because like you're saying that is said just after claughton into claude not had family he fought and collado sites to which is funny. Tell us more about that book in in the story story line for it looks conway star rating it thank you yes. The land of blacklock is <hes> the story about <hes> will hear his name's alex and he force <hes> for uh when he prints charlie so on the losing side sorry <hes> he's family wanted <hes> astute king on the throne. Sorry <hes> if you're in atlanta you probably get all that background but i boy you too much but basically his family picks the losing side and <hes> this rival clan who <hes> headlands that adjoin his who are on the winning side sorry the hanoverian side and <hes> these clans have been <hes> <hes> sort of at loggerheads folk for centuries and <hes> they part of the campbell clan the rival clan and they take advantage of the situation and and basically <hes> when alex's arriving after the battle to make sure his his family is our k- <hes> the the rival clan <hes> is decimating his castle and his family suffers and he basically loses everything sorry at the beginning of the book we have oh alex her's been warranted. He's lost everything and <hes> he he's basically on the ron from the british and he bows to take vengeance against <hes> alcon the m a he's the earl of taipei <hes> sorry sorry in taken years <hes> down the track <hes> alex has chosen eleusis and he's he's made a lot of money and <hes> he uses his <hes> <hes> money to to set about ruining malcolm campbell <hes> the irritate and <hes> one of the <hes> thinks he's found out is malcolm is in dire straits financially a bit the rest of society doesn't nar and <hes> malcolm's plan to <hes> to his situation is to marry a rich air as sarah sarah lambert who's the heroine <hes> and what el- expense to do is escorted dark book at the beginning alex plans to kidnap up sarah. Sir malcolm can't marry her and come into this windfall of money so that's basically the setup for the book. I'll take it a long title. Explain it but some yes sir alex takes sarah and then i'm sorry what are you working on now. Okay <hes> at the moment. I think i mentioned earlier. I'm headway through writing <hes> a milestone suitable countess which she's <hes> the third book in my so so published skinless regency widow series and i hope that will be out middle of nick steel. I'm also rising a <hes> pirates novella for boxing. That's coming out in january. That's going to be called the lady in the privateer. That's saints in the regency era sorry <music>. I'm never written a pirate story before that's a fun during the research and then in <hes> april next year <hes> the second book in my berkeley disreputable debbie taught series <hes>. It's called how to catch an errand earl. It's coming. At least i on the twenty eight the viper. I think yeah slant just seen a draft cover for that and it's gorgeous about that too brilliant well. We can we find you online and have a look cover reveals in the other books that you've out yeah well. I've got my website which is any roy's bennett. Dot com sorry inclined final book stare and i'm on facebook and twitter and good grades and i have amazon is on overpaid so the usual places you you find office hanging out there brilliant well. Thank you so much for joining me today and <hes> hopefully we haven't had you too many technical on <hes> the yeah. I really appreciate your time..

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