A highlight from Wednesday 5 May


Elections take place across the uk tomorrow and the results like you to give the clearest sign yet of the state of the union between england. Scotland and wales. The future of hong kong's public broadcaster is in question as radio and tv programs begin disappearing from one of its online archives under cinemas prepared to reopen in the u. k. Will reach for the popcorn at the prospect of a boom in cinema going in the months ahead. Monaco's editors and correspondents are here to discuss those stories today. Here on the late edition on monocle. Twenty four hello that very warm. Welcome to the late edition here on monocle twenty four. It is wednesday. The fifth of may. And i'm thomas lewis here in toronto and joining us. Today are regular wednesday. Duo monaco's news at christchurch mac and culture editor key out of ramallah kiara. Chris gravy both with us once again on a wednesday here on the late addition at kiara. You've had a pretty busy round of dinner. Bookings since lockdown restrictions eased in london so little birds Tells me how things are things looking you there in london. Look i've loved it. I just went crazy with bookings. I guess whilst everybody else's complaining that you know you can't schedule and fun blah blah blah. I was like. I didn't care. So i booked myself two or three denies Per week for all weeks from now up until mid-june basically and the first few weeks of april have been truly delightful. I just by now. I already feel quite exhausting. Physique used to have any more and And the wallet is kind of feeling the effects of my you know runs of drinks and Starters mains dessert kind of consumption not to mention a waistline of course while everybody else is very keen to kind of shake off de cronies. Pack as chris would would define it. I'm just going the other direction. Really yard is hilarious to hear you talk about it in that way. Because yes i've definitely been in so many ways on the opposite side of you. Both focusing on reducing my cohen spec by playing lots and lots and lots of tennis and the one booking that i actually had that was sort of fixed was for monday at twelve thirty where we sat Site with some friends and

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