A highlight from 3403: With Full Patience w/ Casey James Selango


Try never worked out good best case. It's a cake worst case. I'm big fucking trump s casey. The keys to it because it has to be his face while. I'm obviously not going to do it. But you're talking about cinco de mayo and led to Do the israelis have do Jewish people in america have a party celebrating. Something else and they do they. Have they have an israeli. You have an israeli pray used to go to an israeli parade as a kid on a daily basis. Yeah i said guess where it is and we think it's in the diamond district man that they go into the diamond stores circuitry there at the diamonds. Like the maybe they throw up. Fake diamonds touched a golden stuff again. Is this accurate. But you have to have the vaccination the one you know the one you want on every corner built before nineteen thousand nine hundred all true. I say vaccinations. But i don't the thing one hundred percents. Wow that's pretty forty seventh street. No say you've never bought a diamond. Never bought a diamond. Okay well

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