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Son. Has been arrested for sexually assaulting. Several women see son police chief an Glenn is asking women from all parts of the, community to, come forward Does not. Matter where, the, crime occurred please just walk into one or the other the police. Departments, and report what happened she says women who tell their stories to the police are not obligated to be. Involved through the whole process of. Prosecution glavin says Davis Marino high may was a suspended soccer athlete at. The college authorities hey reported attacks, allegedly happened from April, of last year when he was still a student at Redlands high school all. The way. To last month, Orange County supervisors are heading to court to fight a state-approved needle exchange the program, would have started Monday but to ficials argue they don't want it to create more homelessness or drug use, in the area, oh supervisor Todd Spitzer says it's also a safety hazard were asking a judge as soon as either late today but no. Later than Monday. To issue an injunction to stop this program because it, will cause irreparable harm state health officials say the program would, allow injectable drug users to safely discard needles in exchange for. Clean ones to cut down on. Diseases an LA city councilman has taken aim at three d. printed gun meeting Glitter says. He's worried ghost guns could take off without, new laws it's about the blueprints I. Wanna make, the digital files illegal here Los Angeles in the state of California illegal to possess download distribute cell he says. The concept, of, illegal possession is similar to laws against child porn the motion would. Make, having weapon blueprints a misdemeanor the council also backs a state Bill to make possession of a three d.. Printed gun a felony Antra back. KFI news David and Louise Turpin have appeared again in court in Riverside. County for the torture of twelve, of their kid the, serpents appear to what was to be a second arraignment following a preliminary hearing. Last month. Where the judge, ruled there was enough evidence for them to stand trial instead this proceeding was delayed, until August thirty first and that means the potential trial could begin sometime in September or October turbans were, arrested in January, when one of their thirteen kids escaped and call police they face charges of torture and false imprisonment on all but one. Of their kids David Turpin is also facing perjury and sexual abuse charges In. Riverside Chris ancarlo KFI news. The lawyer for disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey, Weinstein has filed. A motion to dismiss sex crime charges. Against his client attorney. Benjamin brought Brachman says going public with about forty emails from Weinstein's accuser should not be seen as victim, shaming maybe. Wonderful person, we just maintain that she wasn't raped by Harvey Weinstein so please. The word victim shaming has nothing to do with. What we're doing we don't do that Bradman says the messages show Weinstein had a consensual relationship with the woman for years, after the alleged incident he says the grand jury in Manhattan that chose to indict Weinstein never got to see. Those messages traffic from the helpful socal Honda traffic center to ten in Pasadena there is a work zone this is, on the to ten westbound from Lincoln to the. To, Cal trans going to be taken away the. Right lane until eleven in the morning watch for delays throughout that area. In east LA good news.

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