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Seventy from north of fifty five in pockets all the way up to Manchester northbound fifty five Merrimack bottom headed up through. Butler hill looks a little heavy through their two seventy volt directions in the works north of Dorsett you have delays sixty four around the city limits it slow northbound fifty five jams from forty four up all the way down to westbound seventy that accident west of Madison that has westbound seventy jammed back past the sixty four split and westbound sixty four jammed approaching route three from the steeple traffic center weather today is going to be not only cloudy but rainy as well and a chance of a thunderstorm until the early evening with a high of just seventy six mostly cloudy overnight a low sixty. Four tomorrow clouds and a few intervals of sun a shower thunderstorm around with a high of eighty currently it's. Sixty eight in high ridge sixty six and Olivetti cloudy and. Sixty seven downtown at the arch The Transportation Safety administration acknowledges that it uses air marshals detail some American citizens not under investigation by any agency. And not on any terror watchlist the existence of the quiet skies program was first reported by the Boston Globe CBS news correspondent Elaine Kiana reports computer algorithm spots flyers including American citizens whose travel and activities match with current threat intelligence those flyers are then reviewed by feeling team that that's the information and the flyer if something in the flyers background raises concerns that flyer made these surveilled by federal air marshals the program has been in existence since two thousand ten illegal challenge to Missouri's death penalty witness program may proceed cable Xs Brad showed explained circuit federal appeals court ruled in favor of journalist Chris. McDaniel whose lawsuit accuses the Missouri department of corrections director of having too much discretion in selecting witnesses for Executions the ACLU filed suit on behalf of McDaniel it says he has. Not been approved to witness any of seventeen executions in. Missouri since, he filed, his application a spokeswoman for the Missouri attorney general's, office declined comment, on the appeals court's ruling saying their office is still reviewing. It is jail time but now a former youth tennis instructor is being sued by the family of the girl he, sexually assaulted for, four, years attorney says, the girl referred to as Jane Doe in the. Suit faces a litany of anxiety trust and depression issues since the abuse of your. Pozzo served nine months in jail that attorney Dan to fail says his former employer the Miller. Tennis academy at forced like tennis club in Chesterfield also bears responsibility professionals are bringing it to the attention of. Management at, hey hobby are, Pozzo is acting inappropriate but it's dismissed and and, it's dismissed for a long period of time the lawsuit seeks monetary damages for infliction of emotional distress sexual assault Negligence misrepresentation and other charges the. Abuse took place from two thousand nine to two thousand thirteen Avak Stegman NewsRadio eleven twenty km away I've learned, so much on the.

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