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Yeah. Why are so many people in Illinois so interested in Cajun Boil on Super Bowl Sunday and my crazy You're not crazy. I mean, like Over 10. You know, 10, Million people live in the Chicago land area like I know there's a lot of people in the southern portion of Illinois. There's not more than 10. Million people. Googling Cajun boil in the southern part of Illinois, Jeff in Merrillville. They Jeff, What's up, man? Hey, boys. Good morning morning, So there's tackle. It's tactless. Delia. Alright, so slow roasted tacos For like 16 hours. You take a beef or lamb in the sauce. After that, you guys need to try and then they take the tortilla, but on the flat grill, dip it in the Jews. Get that nice and crispy, And then you put case. Idiot cheese all over it Pretty much. It's like a taco case idea. And then you give you this cup of sauce with onions and rashes. You guys missed it out. Yeah, that's very popular in Idaho and also in Nevada, as we see on this list here. Yeah, they got a lot of about the Chicago like taco trucks. Check one out, then the last neighborhood for real. You ever seen one? It's not the healthiest but you don't You only live once. I understand you put that craft your body is forever, man. I could be dead by the time on the 80. I really all kicker. Yes, thanks. Appreciate it. Also, fox E is checking in from up in Lake Force. I thought he sold his house, a foxy Going on, boys. Coach coach Charlie Rose. I'm in Carolina, not Lake Forest. Oh, they were so we apologize. We were told you're still in Lake Forest. I thought you sold visiting with Waddell. How are you visiting with Waddell if he's here in Lake Forest Oh, I was I'm gonna miss you guys this year. I really wanted to go see his house. Oh, by the boy. Yeah. Did you sell the water mansion that you bought from him? Yeah, I was able to upload it. Finally that governor still coming after me, though. On the access. Uh, he's a real pistol. Better yet. More like a bowling ball, right? Wow. You still enjoying your vodka? Oh, how much Jin Go, You know that cap in the kitchen? Yeah, you you do. You were pounding the vodka. Pretty good. When you were answering all of Danny and Ryan MacGuff these questions that was that was a fun time. Hey, I told you about unemployed, though it said I got Carlos Santo. You know if I had watching are still probably be coaching. Well, Coach. We appreciate you calling in and next time you're in town. Why don't you come by right? Go, Chief. Even though I'm not. I should be pecked picking favorites. All right. Have a good time. All right. Thank you, Coach. Thanks. See, Coach Appreciate you. Your appearance with us is his entertaining use your press conferences. 3123323776 we've played Carlo Santos did tweak is growing a little bit. Thanks, Coach. We play a fun game called Shot or no shot, and I have some personal news. Next door. Yeah. G.

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