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Afford to sell hamburgers at two dollars each if the meat industry in the farming industry that they're part of is not subsidized by the government. The us subsidizes all basically every farming industry. That they have right so it brings down the price of production for these companies. And it might be to grow some of your own food and keep your own chickens and go to the local butcher shop. If mcdonald's is now these giant fucking subsidies we don't know we just don't know what the economy would look like. Well people are gonna starve in that sense. You know how many people are renting in canada. What percentage of people are renting account. How many people have access to grow their own food. Oh yeah yeah you know. I see what you mean but you even ya know you're right. You're right like These giant mega corporations tyson foods and stuff like the number of people feed the amount of food that exists because like a company like monsanto exists. It's fucking enormous right like it's an insane amount of food and yeah i don't know these are these are difficult questions to answer but hoping i'm hoping we can kind of when we have our follow up. Maybe spoiler alert wall will come to some more kind of. I don't know tenable ideas on how to attack this problem and then how it relates to drug culture in general play. It's really crazy to me that we've settled on alcohol and tobacco and marijuana is good and heroin and methamphetamine is bad. It doesn't i. it just seems like there's no rhyme or reason to me. Yeah i mean. I don't know i think there's a rhyme and reason to putting these things in different hierarchies well maybe like i mean. It's flipped now that marijuana is legal but it was so crazy when marijuana is illegal in alcohol was legal right. yeah marijuana's way. Less dangerous like mushrooms right. Mushrooms are still legal in canada. And they're basically like as far as i can tell they're basically harm. Can you even overdose for mushrooms. I know i don't think so. Yeah and it's like you could just grow them in your house like like. There's no that doesn't need to be any you know it doesn't. It's not like it has to go through barrel in mexico and have gasoline rubbed into it. You know it's just grow it on a fucking dirty surface paisley in your basement. Yeah yeah so. I don't know like i mean i feel like i feel like. That's that's basically the gist of everything that i have to say. On phantom on the opioid epidemic. Unless you have anything else while we will be covering it. More with a very special guest and Be more more exciting very very special guest. Mike die very very very why why it sounds like you were keeping it. A secret Do we should we keep secret. Yeah we're we're gonna no. We don't have to keep a secret so we're going to have the author ben westhoff on kind of push back bad. Hopefully on his politics Well a little bit. i'd like to. I like to heads with them. A little bit he is. He is not for legalisation at all. Basically he is. He is pretty progressive and he's like into something called harm reduction which is the probably the best solution. That's feasible right now for everyone. And this is like where you out testing strips. Everyone so they know fantails in it. you get drug checked. You can see there'll be like companies that go to an electric dance festival and for twenty bucks you can get like a dealer will go all drug tested. And they'll give him like a stamp and be like yeah..

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