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We on the left remained demoralized in 2018 and as a result uh you know republican senators win their job narrow ready dean heller keeps his job in nevada write them we're not talking about a potential you know 5050 situation we're not talking about potentially taking back the senate we're talking about the republicans have a much better map than we do as as democrats in in 2018 and if if if we just keep pace with the enthusiasm we will lose a couple seats right in order to have any chance of making any progress towards getting donald trump out of office we've gotta show republicans that their political consequences to aligning yourself with donald trump and well at the scene areas nsa all but it's i don't care about getting down trump out of office because is just as bad you know he's just as bosnia liberals and that is what i would like to to tackle politically because that is uh in in my view indefensibly wrong right yeah they're couple of things that that we need to parse out before we sort of tackle ray again remember his capstone example is the 1994 grind though um first let's kinda parse it out i am not super familiar with the term neoliberal so i you know typed it into google and the definition it spit out at me was relating to a modified form of liberalism tending to favor freemarket capitalism and and i'll take that right like an eye and a year will let means louis a couple of things on that i 'cause i saw some people on twitter asking him as well what did you even mean by like had he defined neoliberalism also people unpatriotic on commented like looking at up and saying hey this looks like it's more of an economic thing than it is so i i wanna be careful to try to make sure were using it how he's using it said that we're not responding to not his arguments i think i take it to mean.

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