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He said, I want to own sports teams and we does. Stay the Cup. So they seem to want one of the pyramid. I was like, why didn't you buy sports teams? I like hotels. Exactly. A number of tells you what you're in when you own a hotel. You don't have to go to a league meeting four times anger and deal with like Mark Davis, and Jim Irsay, and all these people who are your partners essentially? Right? Basketball tapes. That's my impression if they bought them, but besides the money coming into it because there's plenty of rich guys that want to buy a football team, presumably absolute till the end of time, but but so the television, right. Mink, young people are not watching it this way in this this way. I mean, they're watching on their phones. I mean, like everyone else's laps and yeah, correct. And I don't have any sense that the league has like the kinds of executives. I mean, Brian roll up their head of media basically Sperry smart guy. I mean, I didn't spend that much time with him, but I was very impressed with and there are some sort of sub level. I mean, sort of number twos at the various teams that I was really impressed with guy like John craft, the the general of the number two at the New England, Patriots, and Kevin DEM off at the Rams and rich McKay at the falcons. I mean, these are not owners per se, but they're in the line of succession. Basically. They do, I think. And I don't know who else does, where does it go in a digitally? They're trying to figure that out. I don't know. My sense is there's going for about ten years. The Ken. Right now. A lot of them are about the the big broadcast thing I think ends in like three or four years. I mean, I think that and the collective bargaining agreement come up like within a year of each other. Like in, I think, twenty ten or twenty twenty twenty eleven something like this was interesting is they were talking when they were talking about the rights at one point. They're like, oh, they're going to get the tech people inherited. And I was like, no, you're not. They would believe me. They would. They would. I don't know. I don't know if they would or not, because the thing about Roger Goodell that I've found is and you see, again is very, this is at that time he shows up out there. He, you know, he's a big, her Balan guy goes, you've never missed one of those more times than I care. Yes, he wanted me. He's like, he wants to be a master of the universe. He wants to be someone who understands this or learn. I mean, I don't, you know, begrudge him any of that. I mean, I think he tries. I do think though that one of his failures leader is that he has. He just hasn't picked. A successor isn't picked like it's like any number of people who could be successors, just sort of kept some kind of weak in the same people around him. Just feel that it hasn't changed in a wet lot waste and other sports. It seems like basketball feels very digital and sodas. Oh, absolutely. People who know about how to get that. I don't know why feels like that's a sport that's of the future part of it? Yeah. And also the global caused not going to take over China tomorrow. The barely. You know, they're big in the UK they, there's talk that they might go into London in the next ten years or so Mexico City, possibly, but it's that sort of where they're the where they hit the ceiling in the NBA. I mean, you have like every. I mean, it's it's it's close to soccer. At this point. I love the players very in there. And they're very encouraged social media. I mean, you just sense that from the top down that is a league, gets it. And again, speaking as a fan, I've never loved the NBA more than like ten years part of my teams getting good again, the Celtics James versus Colin happen. I mean, he goes at the president. He doesn't suffer. He doesn't suffer in the league. He has his back. It's a different set of fans, different sort of thing. Are we're talking to Mark liebowitz. He is the author of a new book called the big game, the NFL in dangerous times we get back where and talk more about where football goes next and also little bit about politics..

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