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A big impact. Now you may not realize it but the average American blasts there is with bright screens for eleven hours every day when you you consider how much of our lives revolves around devices. It doesn't seem that crazy. I mean whether I'm staring at my iphone. My IPAD my laptop a T._v.. It's just it's constant. Constance eleven hours probably doesn't even cut it for me. It's probably it's probably more than that probably more for most people the way the way we kind of interact with devices today in the fact is you can't eliminate the extensive screen time from your lives but you can protect your eyes from it with a pair of Felix Gray blue light filtering glasses available in both non prescription and prescription the majority already of Americans actually live with tired dry eyes blurry vision or headaches caused by these screens. If this sounds familiar Felix gray glasses are for are you. Felix Gray glasses filter out ninety percent of high energy blue light and eliminate ninety nine percent of the glare coming from your daily barrage of these screens and unlike other blue light filtering glasses Felix gray uses proprietary blue light technology embedded directly into the lens as opposed to a cheap coating neck and easily chip or scratch overtime look great to feel great is on a mission to make fashionable high quality blue light protection widely accessible by offering a variety frames for all face shapes and style preferences. Felix Gray frames are handcrafted from the same high quality materials used in high end designer frames like organic Italian Acetate and German engineered steal Felix Gray glasses are available nonprescription prescription and readers as well as adult and kid sizes. Don't go another day looking at screens without the help of some Felix. It looks crazy. Go to Felix great glasses dot com slash eat this for free shipping in thirty days of risk free returns or exchanges. That's Felix Gray G. R. A. Y.. Glasses dot com slash this.

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