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My arms the Conrad their. The. Pink. Man You got that Bob Dole on. Everything, I can't touch. Feel. So badly that man it's now's make a profit off of. Making positive of missile people Patriot is coming through a thank. Well, WE WANNA do is want to offer three tiers so far we want to add onto some of these if the what the animated content at least. What we know is like tier number one, price tier number one, you get early access to the videos done. You get to see a week ahead before anybody else and. The next tier. Depending on what level that is You get a credit for the video. Greg Yeah, you got a credit in their it depending I mean 'cause of look thousands of people just. So we got gotta take. that. We'd thousand people live Jesus grows as people. Do but you what kind of here let me see I got. Right here. So, tier wind get access early access to when the video was done. Oh. Here's a second here so There's a monthly video. Sit. Down is very, very laid-back only for patriotic people where a monthly video where. You get to see a sneak peek of the work as I'm doing. Cool. Stuff as is being done. Show us a sneak peek of everything that's happening for the next video. and. Some questions might be drawn inconsolable and data lasts for about thirty forty fifty minutes or something like that. You get a sneak peek at all the work that's coming up behind the scenes. For the highest here, we know that you will oh, and for the second tier, you'll get depending after how many certain months you are subscribed certain merch that goes tone bonus merch exclusive merch. And then. The top tier you you will be after certain months of donations you'll be featured in a video are you will be put in a video your caricature would be in. there. Yeah. So Nice. Yeah. We'll see we'll see that's Although the Snyder could officially out now to go. As. Not a leak, it's officially up. So we'll look at that and then. Folks of UH. See here. Hey Cam. Can shout out to my mom. Yeah, hey mom I says, I can you give a shot at the model for I? Mom How you doing? Hello, how're you doing? If you send me an email where you want me to talk. A. Little Bit more we will. And The last thing people is please describe if you can. Absolutely, Yes please subscribe and that way we will be able to. Entertain you for hopefully a long period of time. We'll be able to sustain and get yourself a free subscription when Amazon prime account when the time comes to renew please do so and if you try to renew and get weren't. Two to three this Guy Radian. Soul Almighty subscribed at Tier One. Guy Thank you yeah. I know so long. As well. So..

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