Trump announces plan to lower drug prices



Live from npr news in washington i'm shay stevens president trump has unveiled his plan to lower prescription drug prices julie rovner of kaiser health news says it is one of dozens of ideas at the administration is considering to crack down on abuses in the drug approval process it's a long list of proposals some of them might help some people but it could end up hurting other people for example if you you know cap how much certain people on medicare have to pay for their drugs that will end up probably increasing overall premiums for everybody who buys drug coverage under medicare so some people would pay less other people would pay more there seems to be more of that than there is of actually figuring out ways that would make overall prices gardner reporting the proposals do not include allowing medicare to negotiate directly with drug companies to get lower prices this trump promised during his campaign att's chiefs as the company made a bad mistake by hiring president trump's lawyer michael cohen as a political consultant more from npr's wait goodwin it's been a difficult week for the dallas based telecom company quote our company has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons these last few days randal stevenson road his employees's our reputation has been damaged at and t paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to michael cohen shell company essential consultants the same company used to pay hush money to porn star stormy daniels at the time of the payments at and t had recently moved to acquire time warner and is awaiting federal approval in his email stevenson announced the head of the company's lobbying group bob quinn will retire wade goodwin npr news dallas rock is holding its first parliamentary votes since the defeat of isis they're npr's jane.

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