Trayvon's parents say Weinstein's company owes them $150,000


And grabbed her thank you very seriously one of them told me i was giving bill and the victims are being backed by groups like time's up legal defense fund fight for fifteen and women's law center the parents are trayvon martin say harvey weinstein company owes them money sabrina fulton and tracy martin or suing for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars saying the weinstein company bought the rights to a tv series and possible movie based on their book about the shooting death of their son the parents are executive producers of the tv series that has yet to air but they'll have to get in line the weinstein company filed for bankruptcy and a several lawsuits pending against it samantha jordan news ninety six five wdbo faith and self driving cars is falling aaa releasing a survey so seventy three percent of us are scared to ride in a self driving car up ten percent from last year now the real scaredy cats joe the millennials for their age group sixty four percent of them say they afraid that's up from forty nine percent last year well you may have heard of the tortoise and the hair will here's a story about the turtle and the just one thing standing in the way of a united express airplane from taking off at washington's reagan national airport tuesday attornal crawling across the five year westbound travelling south west but for those travelling united on that plane nothing to do but wait a flight delayed ten minutes then finally turtle still there over a special fact grass and just like that the fast jet and the slow turtle went their separate ways dave packer abc news the market watchers predicting the economy is getting ready to hit a speed bump analysts with hedge risk management gary stale says the pace of economic growth and inflation is getting ready to slow down this week though we've seen a couple of new developments the trade wars on whole china is cutting new deals with the us and on wall street this morning futures in pre market trading are down pilots am i right pilot southwest traveling southwest i love that cool pilot voice five forty nine now on orlando's morning news joe we're going to try to get some.

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