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The news is sponsored by deck tech here is vic vaughn thanks nick fair skies fifty three at o'hare a proposal to build the five hundred million dollar obama presidential center in oak park goes before chicago city council today it's supposed to be built in jackson park on chicago's south side but those plants are still under federal review since jackson park is protected as a registered historic destination the union that represents chicago police officers his urging its members who will be off duty today to protest outside city hall the paternal order of police in a statement accused his mayor amanullah putting officers in the public endanger and urges officers to confront the mayor at today's city council meeting there's still a chance the plan summit between president trump and north korean president kim jong un will happen as scheduled next month that's according to president trump he says there's a good chance he also says there's a chance is very substantial chance at a workout i don't want to waste a lot of time and i'm sure he doesn't want to waste a lot of so there's a very substantial chance at a one workout and that's okay that doesn't mean it won't work out over a period of time but it may not work out for june twelfth but there's a good chance that we'll have the mehta speaking tuesday from the white house sitting beside and after his meeting with south korean president moon jaein officials say attack a tractor trailer carrying more than fifty emigrants was stopped last night in raymond ville texas of the incident taking place at a traffic stop by texas highway patrol ems fire police border patrol and the sheriff's office were all at the same officials say first responders were also on hand to tend to the people inside that trailer that sound that chopper at the scene a proposal that would roll back some federal banking regulations is on its way to president trump's desk the twenty ten dodd frank act was put in place after the two thousand eight financial crisis a man who accuses the city bus driver of chasing him down on foot after a ride ended up punching him is now suing the barrett sweet says it happened in the loop last year the driver leonard prize is charged in the incident he's out on bail the suit seeks fifty thousand dollars damages we'll check sports traffic and weather next on wgn capital one percents congress finalizing the louisiana purchase polian golfer offer it's.

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