Death toll rises to 9 in school stabbing attack in China


Well coming up the adjutant general of rhode island is talking about how the national guard stands ready to protect the security of this year's island elections also we are going to be talking with a professor at johnson wales university they are teaming up with a local love craft brewery to offer a certificate program for brewers so we'll get your beer on on this early saturday morning that much more straight ahead right now it's seven thirty and from the revolution softwash news center douglas at has our top stories good morning good morning steve first responders in scituate spent the hours before midnight try to save someone who crashed their car on peck l road vehicle hit a tree the occupant had to be rushed to the hospital but the name of the person injured in what led up to that accident in scituate has not yet been released the death toll has risen to nine in a stabbing attack outside a middle school in china was allegedly carried out by a former pupil he was seeking revenge police say for having been bullied ten other people injured in that attack police have arrested a twenty eight year old suspect he was a student at the school and was apparently trying to get back people there for having been picked on many years ago china tightly restricts private gun ownership making knives and homemade explosives the most common weapons in violent crimes two days after his conviction bill cosby has already started life as an inmate without leaving home till sentenced to judge can find him to the same philadelphia mansion where he was convicted of molesting a temple university administrator cosby has been ordered to wear a gps ankle bracelet to make sure he doesn't leave the property a group of sixty five women in the television industry have circulated us letter of support for nbc's tom brokaw after he was accused by a former colleague of unwanted sexual advances the women say that brokaw has tweeted all them with fairness and respect and giving them opportunities these include maria shriver rachel matt allen andrea mitchell on with kelly donal there among the women who have put their names on this letter brokaw denies the former colleagues accusations you've got pills kicking around the house that you don't know what to do with this is the time to get rid of them wpro's paul zangari reports you can get rid.

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