Security Council team meets Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh


Very different leader and that he's comfortable and willing to make these concessions as small as they may be in the larger scheme of things a un security council team metro hindu refugees and bangladesh also shaina wants to become a world football player why hasn't done very well in the sports so far historically journeys have excelled in very disciplined sports football is the opposite of that you have to be creative you have to do the unexpected the unknown that's here on weekend hello i'm race marie creek with the bbc news south korea says that north korea has promised to close its nuclear test site next month and invite foreign security experts and journalists to witness the closure south korea's presidential office says the north is agreed to adjust its time zone to match that of the south it's currently half an hour behind career correspondent laura bicker reports this is another significant and symbolic step by kim drinking he'd already announced he'd be closing the poon gatty test site but no he's told officials in south korea he's prepared to make it public mr kim also told south korea's president moon he hoped trust could be built with the us and reiterated there would be no need for him to have nuclear weapons if the formerly ended the war on the korean peninsula he said once washington speaks to him they'll know he's not an aggressor president trump has told a rally in michigan he expected the summit with mr kim to take place in the next three or four four weeks mr trump said he expected negotiations to be successful but warned he would walk away if they didn't work out envoys from the united nations security council visiting the ranger refugee camps in bangladesh today that traveling to cox's bazar hampton any seven hundred thousand muslim ranger he fled rakhine state myanmar eight months ago after a violent military crackdown that all comes as the united nations and aid groups warned that the coming monsoon season could worsen conditions in the camps from yama his neo bake the fact that they are there to is significant it means the world's leading powers have agreed in essence that the ranger crisis poses a threat to stability insecurity in the region and that's that's no because as we know the likes of russia and china often clash with the.

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