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The troubled chinese conglomerate hana has a new plan to raise more funds were being told agent is plenty to sell stays and some units to a what are the half billion dollar fund it's setting up this fund to help pay off dead the overseas aviation and tourism industry fund will buy stakes and online travel agent to neo other targets are said to include tianjin airlines sr technics hong kong airlines swiss pork group of owen holdings in a hilton into hiti and the saint regis hotel in bora bora external investors in the fund could be promised returns of up to fifteen percent a year ha currently has one of the biggest debt loads in the world in hong kong yvonne man bloomberg daybreak asia all right thirty four past the hour time for an update on markets couple of headlines coming out of tokyo recruit holdings this is the japanese job and consumer portal the company is buying the us jobs website glass door the deals worth about one point two billion in cash and it will help recruit push deeper into overseas markets and it comes on a day when we heard from the japanese government that wages in japan jumped in march at the strongest pace in more than a decade right now in the foreign exchange weaker yen against the dollar here at one nine fifty six and in spite of that pullback we've got the nikkei down about three tenths of one percent many of the energy shares though in the tokyo session are higher we're seeing a rally right now in wti crude oil in the electron accession up by more than two point two percent seventy dollars sixty two cents the barrel the us ten year treasury in the tokyo session yielding two point nine eight percent right now in hong kong hang sang better by more than two tenths of one percent shanghai composite down less than one tenth of one percent the kospi weaker by about one tenth of one percent and as long as we're talking south korea the one against the dollar weaker by one half of one percent in sydney next where the asx two hundred is up two tenths of one percent bryan all right let's get the.

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