Congressional leaders to review highly classified Russia investigation

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Live from npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly the justice department says it will look into reports the fbi surveilled the trump campaign in twenty sixteen for political purposes npr's giles snyder says the decision follows a white house meeting involving president trump the white house announced an agreement following president trump's meeting that included deputy attorney general rod rosenstein fbi director christopher ray the administration says the justice department has agreed to expand the internal investigation it's already conducting into the fbi's russia probe to include any irregularities nifty i tactics chief of staff john kelly is also expected to set up a meeting to congressional leaders review any classified information related to the president's claims the new york times first reported that a confidential f b i inform and met with two campaign aides but there is no evidence so far of infiltration special counsel robert muller took over the fbi investigation a year year ago trial snyder npr news washington later today president trump meets with south korea's president at the white house trump and moon jae in are expected to discuss trump's plan summit with north korean leader kim jong un it's gambled for june twelfth and singapore ahead of today's meeting state media in pyongyang kerry three commentaries denouncing joint military exercises involving the us and south korea saying they threaten the summit north korea has cut off high level talks with the south because of the joint military drills a prominent australian archbishop is facing prison time after being convicted of covering up child sex abuse by clergy decades ago the bbc's phil mercer sydney says philip wilson is now a senior roman catholic cleric the archbishop was accused of covering up abuse by paedophile priests in the hunt valley of new south wales in the nineteen seventies philip wilson who held a junior position in the catholic church.

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