Half of Minnesota counties lost residents in 2017



Today all the way up to places like seattle and medford oregon beautiful sunny weather today in fact seattle you should see temperatures getting up to a high of seventy five one off the record today so nice weather in the west some rain in the middle of the country we're looking at the possibility of some showers and thunderstorms in florida today so florida will not be on the dean's list today it looks like some showers and less humid later this afternoon in tampa the high getting up to eighty tampa's back on the dean's list tomorrow i will put let's put seattle on the dean's list seventyfive today with sunshine yeah yeah i figure you had tip to sarah can you give us one more i'll give you a san antonio today fiesta week down there has eightyfive degrees sunshine beautiful on the river walk this afternoon in this evening for everything that's going on with all right thank you dean and that's a look at america's weather here's the latest from the newsroom former president george hw bush is in a houston hospital for an infection that has spread to his blood the ninety three year old mr bush who attended the funeral for his wife barbara bush on saturday he said to be responding to treatment senators are discussing plans to delay the confirmation hearing for president trump's pick to be veterans affair secretary overgrowing questions about dr ronnie jackson's ability to manage the government's second largest department homeland security is telling members of the socalled immigrant caravan moving toward the us border not to enter the united states the state dinner for french president emmanuel macron is tonight macron and his wife had dinner with president trump and first lady melania trump at mount vernon last night britain's newest prince is already home hours after his birth to the duchess of cambridge and prince william yesterday the royals brought their eight pound seven ounce son home in a car seat already a day oh not even a day oh the new rules on net neutrality went into effect yesterday they rescind obama era rules now the fcc will allow internet providers to block or slow content or charge content providers more for socalled fastlane's some of the stories we're following on first light today eighteen passports time and robert workman good morning to you gracious good morning to you evan still.

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