Waffle House shooting suspect Travis Reinking in custody


The people are at now is like no no bring it on i have to face it we have to face it i'm krista tippett and this is on being stay with us live from npr news in washington i'm jack speer a terrifying scene in downtown toronto today where police say at least ten people are dead fifteen others were hurt after a white van jumped the curb and plowed into pedestrians still not clear is why the vehicle struck pedestrians oh video taken nearby when the van driver was apprehended showed him armed with what appeared to be a gun deputy police chief but this date us the city of toronto pray for all victims and also to assess the tarpley service in bringing this matter to a successful conclusion as i stated earlier we have one person in custody and the investigation is ongoing toronto police have shut down the area where the incident occurred they say they're still trying to figure out a motive in the case the suspect in a quadruple slang at a nashville area waffle house restaurant has been taken into custody after being at large since early sunday morning authorities say say they arrested twenty nine year old travis ryan king taking into custody not far from his apartment photos posted by police showed him in a police car police and agents from the f b i and the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives joined by tennessee highway patrol officials and mounted a massive manhunt for ryan king police allege ryan king was wearing only green coat opened fire with a semiautomatic assault style weapon killing four people early sunday for others were hurt the.

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