A Houston Neighborhood Gets Its Own Little Restaurants Weeks

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A foodie or whatever and i should on the food but again in my defense mainly because the good listeners this podcast have made me so fortunate that i'm able to travel the country and out of the country to stand up and what we do eat it one are things that we started like yeah we should not do it all the time we should say that money because we need to have a feature and this of course we'll all go down in flames one day but one thing that we've just always done it's been like you know what man you because of that because you never know if this is gonna last eight this fucking notch chicago style while you're here eight this not seafood because if it doesn't last them we damn sure won't be able to get it and we're here treat yourself we work really hard say like you work in work in work and he just have this money but it will exactly so if it all went away like it would suck and i'd have to figure out something how to get it back but like in

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