Gargash: UN has deadline to negotiate Houthi withdrawal from Hodeidah


And he sounded optimistic that the peace process would bear fruit the united arab emirates has given yemen's rebels a final deadline to withdraw their forces from the key porter out data or face imminent attack frank gardner reports from yemen yemen's biggest port her data the lifeline for millions of malnourish yemenis could face imminent attack from tonight the minister state for far too fast the united arab emirates part of the saudi led coalition fighting yemen's rebels has announced that a forty eight hour deadline for them to withdraw from her data has expired he said the coalition wanted the un to take over control of the vital port but that it was prepared to take military action if the hoof is refused to withdraw the un is already describing the situation in wartorn yemen as the world's worst humanitarian disaster with over seven million people dependent on food aid the prime ministers of greek and macedonia have agreed on new name for the former yugoslav love state it will be known as the republic of north macedonia to distinguish it from the greek province of the same name going to nonni reports the two countries have been talking on and off for decades but negotiations gained momentum when zoran xiv became macedonia as prime minister last year he saw the name dispute as an obstacle to his country's security and prosperity greece had vetoed macedonia's accession to nato and e you membership was out of the question greek nationalists oppose any use of the word macedonia by their neighbor and mr xiv says a referendum will be needed to ratify the deal judges at the international criminal court in the hague have ordered the release of jean pierre bemba the former vice president of the democratic republic of congo who'd been serving an eighteen year sentence for war crimes last week the is c c royalty could not be held criminal criminally responsible for crimes committed by his troops in the central african republic well news from.

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