Seattle repeals tax on large businesses aimed at combating homelessness


Oakland county prosecutor's office for formal charges still out of work to do they have to interview him nafta obviously preserve his constitutional rights and attempt to interview him there's a lot of work that has to be done when you put together a warrant package especially in a case of this tragic and of this magnitude patty warner lee described her son as a beautiful loving and affectionate person in while she does not believe the accident was intentional she feels that miguel cerda should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law they're still out of work to do they have to kid twenty one years old but he didn't care he killed my son in he never even stopped he was speeding in a hurry and now another person's life is over to a public vigil injustice lease memory is planned for tonight that'll be at the walled lake western high school where justin lee was a freshman a fifty seven billion dollar spending plan that boosts base k through twelve funding and road construction has been approved by the michigan legislature the budget set to take effect in october also closes up a state prison in earmarks one hundred million dollars for governor rick snyder's planned link students with india manned jobs and it that's a side money to better secure some schools from shooters the house and the senate passed to main bills yesterday on what's expected to be the rub up republican led legislatures last session day before their summer break seattle leaders have repealed attacks on large companies such as amazon and starbucks aimed at combating the growing homelessness crisis the city council voting seven two yesterday to reverse the tax that unanimously approved just a month ago amazon and starbucks and other businesses sharply criticized the tax as misguided amazon even temporarily halted construction planning on a new high rise building near seattle headquarters in protest the region has one of the highest homelessness numbers in the united states now to colorado it's a new wildfire i reported yesterday in summit county that's prompted the evacuation of over thirteen hundred homes jeff marino's the chief of summit fire and ems there's approximately fifty firefighters up there right now with another hundred inbound our tactics initially were an aggressive air attack in structure protection as well as evacuation officials saying that blaze has burned more than ninety acres although no lives are buildings have been.

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