California primary election 2018: A look at the turnout


The john batchelor show elizabeth peak peak for fox news my colleague we turn to the results from the primaries of these last days especially the california primary this i report to you having talked to bill whelan of the hoover institution that the turnout in a race that had villa ragusa the popular mayor of los angeles on the ticket running for governor on a ticket that would could have frozen out all republicans at the gubernatorial level there were ordinary turnouts that's what bill reports to me that the hispanic vote and the least educated at least likely to vote vote in a midterm did not turn out in any extraordinary number despite the fact that villarreal gaza was on the ticket and that the republican entry a man from illinois john cox is on the ticket making a success for the republicans they have a straight republican ticket devote a surprise to everybody against gavin newsom in addition john fund of the national review online reports to me about the the primaries that of the seven congressional districts that nancy pelosi says she can flip suburban districts that voted for mrs clinton in the two thousand sixteen election over donald trump six of them six of the seven had a bigger republican vote than democratic vote which john tells me has heretofore been predictive of the final because it's a jungle primary out there on the final results so right now that blue wave that we watched disappear a couple of weeks ago that blue wave is is looking like just a ripple very small yeah i thought that california results were interesting everyone was really focused on that jungle primary and the possibility that so many democrats running in some of those districts that you might end up with two republicans at the top of the ticket they didn't have that they didn't suffer that indignity they do have a democrat on most of those platforms running but as you point out on almost all of them the republican.

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