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Error still had around the waist passer head the whole time, and my Lieutenant looks Jones. I can't get hold on Detroit's. You're going to have to make a run and go fight the trucks down. I start running the hundred yards sores. The trucks, the whole time rounds are just bouncing down by my feet, and I finally get into the tension of the trucks, and I'm out in the middle of the open desert. I'm on shit. I ain't got no Kover bang. No place to hide will. Fuck it. I got. I got a flak jacket on with sappy plates designed for reasons. I just took it knee and face, right at the guy's shooting as sort of student back while I was waiting for the trust in front of me. So eating meta that Kerma training away of honing skills of teaching your body to think without you so that you can concentrate on the crisis at hand, but you can't train character. You can only amplify it. Of course, character can be kind of a slippery concept. We off. I think it has to do with being honest or forthright, we think of people as having a strong or a weak character. And from there we get a sense who they are in the big picture character, however, is a composite it is made up of different ways. We live up to the commitments we set for ourselves for Cody Jones. The commitment he made to himself was part of a larger perspective away of lining up the world so that it made sense easily. And immediately when you give yourself a couple of basic rules, but then live up to them without fail. That is what makes you reliable. And at the top of cody's list was an injunction that doing things right? Was more important than anything else at that point I'm sitting here going, we'll just just take the leg dock with prosthetics. I'll be able to do everything they will do before. I mean, something's will change, but there no point me being paying the rest of my life just take the wig. What is true bravery? What makes a hero a hero tested by the worries of what's happening at home, thousands of miles away and the reality of what you're facing here. And now when your life is in danger every second and it's either killed or be killed from wondering and incongruity media. This is Anthony Russo and this. Is war. When you're looking to hire someone, there's nothing more tedious than going through dozens of emails, reading resumes that just don't fit. And sometimes you do find a candidate and only discover that they are wrong for the job or that it took you too long to get to their resume and they found other work. ZipRecruiter is so affected that eighty percent of employers who post on ZipRecruiter, get a quality candidate through the site within the first day with results like that. It's no wonder that ZipRecruiter is the highest rated hiring site in America. And right now, my listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address, ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash this is war. That's ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash t h I s I s w. a. r. ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash this is war ZipRecruiter the smartest way to hire. The marine recruiter who enlisted Cody Jones said he had never had an easier job. Getting parents to sign for a seventeen year. Old recruit code is great. Grandfather had served in World War Two, and his grandfather had been marine. His father was in the navy and various of his great uncles had served as well. His was a military family, and he wasn't going to be the one to break the line. His folks signed pretty much just to save him the trouble of having to do it himself when he was eighteen. In fact, the recruiter asked him to stop shaving his head that summer. So he would have some hair left for them to cut when he got to MC are de San Diego which is just what he did. McCain was easiest thing I ever did in the or is a cakewalk at the time is one of those things felt like it was the most difficult thing? There was sucked, but it was mainly just mind games. It was physical, but it wasn't as physicals, you kind of expect. It was mainly just fuck four games over here. Come here, do this do that and know that who told you do that, get back over there asset that it was matter of, okay, they're getting those store. We're listening and doing what they want us to do regardless of what it is. Unfortunately, for Cody, what they wanted him to do was to become part of the fleet antiterrorism security team company acronym fast company. His recruiter had assured him that the marines weren't taking any more infantry enlist list when he signed up and in his enthusiasm, Cody accepted this security, Emma west hoping he still might have the chance to get into combat before. There were no wars left to fight as he finished his training into school of infantry in two thousand nine. The drawdown in Iraq was already underway and the marines were transitioning to a new post-war terror stance, fast company training was fun. They were responsible for say, evacuating besieged, embassies in clearing pirated ships. But in practice, it ended up being guard duty watching the comings and goings near the basic. One time obey protecting nuclear sub port and training for embassy and ship extractions that we're never going to materialize for him Cody and a lot of the other marines he served with wanted to do so much more only finished up the training for scaredy forces. I knew I was going too fast county. And then from there it was matter going to whatever fleet unit I get designed and the whole time were as in fast company. I mean, when I when I deployed to Cuba when we went to Spain the whole time, we're sitting here about an talking to some of our buddy. The fleet already been navigate nistan doing it in real like, oh, we just can't wait to get out there and get some. 'cause I mean this what we signed up for a bunch of guys who wanted to do infantry, someone was got swindled out of it from recruiters. But I mean, that's mainly what we want to do. We're just waiting to get getting doing it. If there was an upside, it was that he had connected with the Lexus, the woman who would marry and he was cultivating relate. Ship with her. Alexis was a buddy sister. So she had a better than average sense of what was caught up in being family to marine Cody eventually made his way to a duty station in Virginia, and he would fly her out occasionally. But in retrospect it was almost as if they were training to be a couple separated by miles and responsibility. By the time they got married in March of two thousand eleven. They had spent hours together on the phone and online really trying to get a sense of one another. They wanted to have a marriage that would work for me. It wasn't too bad for her who's a little rough at first because e Florida to stay with my parents in Texas. And when she got there, she got two small little town. I grew up in inches on these people are going to kill me. What am I doing? 'cause she for big city full receives from Jacksonville. She wasn't expecting a small little town in Texas two days after we got married, I went out to twenty nine palms checked into two seven started doing training about a month later. She packed up everything from Texas and drove out to California. Kuti's union was part of the second battalion. Seventh marines stationed at twenty nine palms. It was a great assignment for him because he was finally going to get his chance at combat. Cody felt like he had a purpose as a marine, and he got a particular satisfation setting an example and leading as the opportunity presented itself. He wasn't fearless, but he did have a confidence that superseded fear. It wasn't self confidence, but rather a belief in the process and in the system, a belief in the power of living up to your responsibilities, that if you did your duty without question, every time you're asked, the outcome was almost always going to be secondary. And so as his deployment date neared the only thing that really weighed on Cody was that it was unlikely he would get to be home when his son was born. And so I found out she was pregnant right before deployed. And then from there it was okay. Now I'm two point in my wife is pregnant in. I gotta leave and she stuck back here. We spent a couple of hours before we had to get on the buses with family and friends. And then my parents came out from Texas because my wife was going back home with them. So they came out and said goodbyes and then got formation, got everything ready by one more time. And then from there was okay. Gotta get on the bus. Now it's time to go. At that moment that you start switching your brain over from, okay, miss my family, but now I gotta get focused and get my mind on the ball and get ready to go. And so Cody put his faith in his training and his God, and he set his mind to the task at hand by two thousand twelve mission in Afghanistan, still focused on hunting and capturing Taliban fighters officials as well as continuing the Afghan national security forces training. He'd been following the news about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan closely since he was in high school, he'd heard stories from buddies who served in both places and felt like he had a really good sense of what it was going to be like still nothing can quite prepare you for the realities, not only of the violence in the war in Afghanistan, but also for the bleak landscape and the desperate poverty that comes with it. A lot of US service people tend to find culture shock in the little things for the duration of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. So far we all have seen the violence in. The fighting the aftermath explosions. The crowded marketplaces photos of forward operating bases where US forces live very different life one without say, running water or reliable internet, but the divide between what you expect and what you experience exists in the day to day for US forces abroad for their part, they've been trained to do without and to process confusion, danger and violence. Before the first time they ever set foot in the desert. What is always new and surprising though is witnessing how the locals go about their day to day and the reality of life in Afghanistan. Kind of expect to be kind like a ghetto Dallas or something where he got someone down areas, but it's still somewhat decent land. You're like, holy shit. We're in the middle of the desert, and there's absolutely nothing here. These people are living in mud huts with one generator pump, their water for their crops and for them to use the wash themselves with. And that's it. And the only piece of furniture from their house is a small little coffee table that used the eat at. So I mean, I, it really puts life in perspective as for what will people say when they mean dirt poor people are literally dirt poor, they're living in dirt house adjusting to a culture that has already adjusted to war is another singular experience for members of the US military, especially on their initial combat tour when one platoon relieves another, there's a transition process sometimes called left seat right seat and other times called RIP for relief in place. The relieving unit replaces the unit to be relieved. A few people at a time with those were used to serving in the area acting as kind of a war tour guide on patrols. The transitions tend to be less eventful as the enemy waits for it to be complete before testing out the relief troops for weaknesses. By the time, Cody Jones landed in camp leather. The war enough ghanistan was more than a decade old meaning that most. The Afghan children did not know a world without US troops on patrol when you come up like that, the kind of trouble you get into a kid is significantly different than trouble kids in other countries, not at war get into, but the means of troublemaking are still the same Afghan. Kids would toss rocks down at the marines on patrol mostly hitting the vehicles, but occasionally digging the gunner still the marines had been good natured about it until they got word that along some sections of highway. It wasn't all fun and games, one day instead of a rock. They third grenade. So once we get word about that, one of my buddies, his dad's owns a bunch of golf courses had gall ship to us in a nobody had his mom sent a bunch of Reuss rockets. So every Tura gunner had a box of golf balls up slingshot. So the next time those kids throwing rocks at us instead of letting them just throw rocks at the turbines, attor grab that slingshot and Gulf false or gulls those sons a bitches. For us. It's like, okay, they're just kids being kids, but now we know they're throwing grenades own weaned and hit with grenade just because some kid wants to Halfon driving around on patrol was one thing, but the marines weren't just in the area as the show of force protection. They were hunting members of the Taliban. This meant foot patrols through villages and the foot patrols could be a lot more dangerous than driving. I e d Laden desert roads and highways, but the Taliban fighters in leadership often weren't on the roads. They were holed up in small villages in homes which left people in the middle compelled to choose between two armed forces the Americans who were present and visible and the Taliban who lurked and sought retribution. It made for tense moments in conversations. Whenever the two were in close enough proximity to one another, charging the air with a tension that everyone could feel, but no one could name. We

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