Chemical weapons inspectors collect samples from Syria site


I'm michelle martin we'll dig into the political news of the week and we'll also hear from journalists who still trying to make sense of what she saw on a two thousand sixteen campaign trail people have said oh i don't wanna relive that but i think that we have to plus remembering former first lady barbara bush as she's laid to rest mom got a su are difficult times with consistent take it to the bank unconditional but tough love that and my essay about barbara bush are all coming up but first this news live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbs in syria chemical weapons inspectors have visited a site in douma where an alleged chemical weapons tack on civilians prompted a retaliatory airstrikes from the us uk and france the team from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons collected samples for analysis and says it will evaluate the situation before considering next steps which include another possible visit to the city meanwhile un secretary general antonio tara says those responsible for that alleged weapons attack need to be held accountable walk leavings meeting unity clearly a war crime that should have robbed the face of at an informal meeting of the security council in sweden today gutierrez says the syrian conflict can only be resolved politically not militarily at the international monetary fund's spring meeting in washington dc today treasury secretary steve mnuchin and federal reserve chair jerome powell join counterparts warning the improved.

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