Controversy over Michelle Pfeiffer weight question nearly derails 'Scarface' anniversary reunion


As she does dark at the bottom and blind at the bottom of that's pretty cute i do that because i'm lazy thank you so much someone else who has beautiful hair michelle pfeiffer she was at the tribeca film festival last night in new york city and she is on the panel for her classic nineteen eightythree films scarface and during this panel the panelists the guy who was moderating the panel he asked michelle pfeiffer how much she weighed while she was filming the movie scarface in nineteen eighty three it was sore and appropriate inappropriate guys and she's she's really skinny in it because i've seen the pictures but she is also supposed to play a woman addicted to cocaine and we're going to be the person had heard her speak of that before because she is super thin in that move way very lake has this gun isn't she gets more gaunt as the movie goes on and i think that the way the moderator framed it attack well she didn't see it was the iranians felt that he framed it where he was like you know as a dad i'm concerned about body image for my daughter thank you so now here's what our mass it was the early eighties and like michelle pfeiffer said she was portraying a person who had a cocaine addiction and so you lose weight when that happens and just like the way that the guy framed as as a father do about it now was maybe five even bauer melanie griffith's i husband is in scarface and he is raid donovan's ari or whatever his name is his right hand man in john abyss that's much that is that's right laurie melanie griffith husband remember beyond say is performing a bay chela again this weekend we've been promised some new exciting changes how can she do that she's heard tweaks here and there and also if you want to get in on it the beach pop up stores on her website right now merchants selling from forty.

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