That time former NBA All-Star Carlos Boozer almost sued Prince — The Undefeated


On the left on the game basketball moment rail against teams get ready for a second round speaking of the second round he'll face golden state and the san antonio spurs golden state up three games tonight oh i love it playoff career tom going to the playoffs weapons so i'll learn how to match up again no way we're playing but no matter no matter who we play we worried about how we can do how he didn't play in the playoffs require super well right now right take care of business this series takes us the pod cetera all night as it turns to the low post podcast with insight on the blazers being swept cetera all night sportscenter allnight into the low post really i i had the series going seven it didn't have the stones to pick them straight up i had the the blazers winning and seven but i thought it could be a very competitive series because the backcourt matchup those two guys can be really hit or miss their normally hitting better than they are now but it's it's it reminds me the raptors a little bit from a couple years ago where you had to wonder putting that much power in the hands of your guards and then just kind of having everybody else if that will work if those guys are off it's funny you mentioned the raptors and our friends scott casio from new york times mentioned in the story as well today that they remind a little bit of the old dad raptors steeled offense falls apart in the playoffs raptors i was talking to gm yesterday who made that same exact comparison before i saw this other stuff about i thought.

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