Ocala, Florida school shooting suspect ID'd as Sky Bouche



By the ad council nineteen th anniversary of the columbine school shootings tragedy averted at a high school in ocala florida the nineteen year old entered the school with a sawed off shotgun he fired one round slightly injuring another student but was quickly arrested by school resource officer marion county sheriff billy woods credits preparation and training we we already had stuff in place that's why it worked today it's already there i don't have to prepare for anything come monday it'll be the same thing sheriff's office says the shooter told them he felt ignored and picked a school as his target because he thought it would get more media attention he faces a host of charges more legal troubles for an embattled governor governor eric writings have missouri's already in trouble for allegedly taking an inappropriate photo of the woman with whom he had an affair without her consent now saint louis prosecutors have hit him with a new felony charge accusing greitens of tampering with computer data he allegedly got the donor list from a charity he founded called the mission continues and use that list to raise funds for his campaign associated processes campaign raised over two million dollars using that list grains originally deny getting it but did agree last year to pay a one hundred dollar fine for failing to report that his campaign had gotten the donor list joel nato fox news files of mortars filed past the casket of former first lady barbara bush as she lay in repose at a houston churchill friday her widower former president george herbert walker bush graded value of the mortars mrs bush's funeral will be held saturday she'll there'd be buried at her husband's presidential library in texas palestinian say they'll be asking a un human rights council to establish a commission to carry out an independent investigation of the israeli military's killing and wounding of palestinian during propalestinians during protests in gaza those protests continued on friday i'm jack callaghan fox news radio.

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