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The shooter was armed with his father's thirty eight and a shotgun at the at the moment there they're still searching houses and they're searching cars because they believe there's some booby traps that's another explosives still out there to be found so what do we know joe about the suspect what do we know about the toll at santa fe today we know he's seventeen we know he's in custody in santa fe's one story police station the fbi and state police are tailgating him we know we know there's ten ten people have perished there's ten folks in the hospital including cleaning the school safety officer who was shot and critically injured and that's where it stands right now bloomberg houston bureau chief joe carroll with us from santa fe high school in santa fe texas there may be mass casualties in the crash of a cuban state run airliner that had at least one hundred ten people on board that's about boeing seven thirtyseven crashed into a yucca field shortly after takeoff from havana 's international airport cuban officials say three people survived but they haven't given an official toll on who may have perished their global news twenty four hours a day on air and at tick tock on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in one hundred twenty countries i'm nathan hager this is bloomberg thanks nathan now with our other top stories i'm jill snyder and era will reportedly end at goldman sachs in a matter of months the new york times says ceo lloyd blankfein is likely to step down at the end of the year the report says that would clear the way for golden president david solomon to succeed blankfein he was named the firm's sole president in march sprint has removed an obstacle toward a takeover by t mobile bloomberg's gina cervetti has details the wireless carrier has one investor approval to change.

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