20 priests among 110 dead in Havana plane crash, Cuban officials say


I worry was listed on the sixth grade honor roll he was mentioned as a standout player on the school's jd football team a few years ago but that is it law enforcement tells cnn at this point they have no reason to believe he was on anybody's radar and so far there is no explanation for why he would have done this gorgeous has charged with capital murder and is being held without bond in other news a boeing seven thirtyseven operated by state airline cuba crashed on takeoff from havana's international airport today correspondent patrick ottoman in cuba says first responders made it to the crash site that we've gotten from people who live in that area indicate that it's very very serious crash that firefighters are still working to get the blaze under control is this plane according to cuban government official media a boeing seven thirtyseven flying to log in cuba the crash as it was taking off from havana's largest airport initial reports only say that three people survived one hundred thirteen people were on board board the plane and rudy giuliani president donald trump's attorney says a special counsel in the russia probe is narrowed the scope of potential questions for the president giuliani told cnn today that the questions have been narrowed from five subject areas down to two he wouldn't provide any additional details though but said the trump team wants to keep the focus on russia meanwhile president donald trump did condemn today's attack in santa fe the president said it's a very very sad day is he expressed sadness and heartbreak it what he called the absolutely horrific attack at the high school in santa fe texas this has been going on too long in our country too many years too many decades now the president promised his administration would do everything it can to protect students secure schools and keep weapons out of the hands of people who pose a threat to rebuild lender washington texas mrs closing numbers on wall street the dow up one point nasdaq down twenty eight the sp five hundred off by seven again the low tonight seventythree it is ninety one degrees from the wb ap news desk i'm eric bushman your next update at eight thirty twenty four seven coverage wbz ap dot com this is the news.

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