Dave Rankle, Kentucky Center and Melendez discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


I'm dave rankle yesterday's fire at the kentucky center for the performing arts may have damaged artwork worth eighteen million dollars according to a spokesperson with the center the artwork was in the lobby which suffered water damage louisville fire captain saw melendez says the fire was started by a grinder used by crews repairing the center's roof the status of upcoming shows at the center will be determined after assessing the damage in other news kentucky attorney general andy bashir has filed a six lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company or deceptive marketing of opioid based pain killers the sheer announced that he has filed a lawsuit against walgreens and boone circuit court this year says walgreens excessively distributed and dispensed opioids and kentucky and failed to legally report the suspiciously large orders received for prescription opioids this news has been brought.

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