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Bell gardens area democrat denies the allegations new statistics about american teens it seems fewer of them are smoking having sex and doing drugs and they're also drinking less milk a new government survey says less than a third of high school students drink a glass of milk today about two decades ago it was nearly half the survey showed slightly fewer kids are drinking soda and sports drinks compared to the last survey in two thousand fifteen the students were not asked about energy drinks more now on our top story the doj inspector general releases its report on the clinton email investigation ended up team coverage eleven fifty cbs news special report the justice department's in watchdog is blasting former fbi director james comey on his handling of the probe into hillary clinton's emails cbs's paula reed says call me went rogue the day of the press conference about them sally yates believe that they agree that they will do some sort of joint statement they would announce the conclusion of this investigation are jointly but instead komi decided that he wanted to hold the press conference and he did not want to live deputy attorney deputy attorney general yates or torney general lynch in on this decision read ads the office of inspector general notes that this was an act of insubordination on the part of komi and they also fought lynch for when she did find out about this for not stepping up and doing more to perhaps prevent him from doing this or at least tamp down the way he handled it colmey tweets that he disagrees with some of the report's conclusions though he says they are reasonable he thanks the inspector general's office for their hard work cbs news special report and allison key check your money here's frank motech hormone rates taking higher again this week in fact that they've now hit their second highest level seen so far this.

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