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And and destroyed poland says right now it's not a threat to life because lava flows are relatively easy to get away from global news twenty four hours a day on aaron at tick tock on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm michael barr this is bloomberg bob michael thank you five thirty five on wall street time for your bloomberg nbc sports update and good morning tea rob bush cup warning bob the anki continue to get just enough offense are nine and one in their last ten after taking three or four in houston six five the final skipper aaron bone what a game what a series and just continued compete nar guys you know look like we're all along there and then to their credit they they answer back and our guys never never mail it in and just string together a lot of quality at that's late night game to to pull it out red sox lost in texas of the yankees entered tonight one game out of first place open a nine game homestand with the indians red sox and as c c tabatha looks move to three and mets were shut down but the first place braves eleven nothing at city field jason vargas allowed six runs and four and twothirds they'll welcome colorado tonight zack wheeler on the bump for new york a game and a half out nba the knicks tabbed david phys does our new head coach biz dell was fired and memphis this year but has playoff experience is the eleventh koshnick's have had since two thousand one two thousand two playoff action lebron james scored forty three and fourteen assists cleveland blasted toronto won twenty eight one ten starts with us we'll call as well because he's been with us you know that allows everybody else getting their comfort zone but tonight with another just fallout team win i mean jr has been consistent since this serious started we definitely new cleveland's one eighth straight against the raptors in postseason they're up to oh as ask the celtics will race the twenty two point i.

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