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Biggest drug busts in the history of the state of maine gets twelve years in prison james jameson of waterbury connecticut was arrested two years ago with about half a million dollars worth of heroin he rammed a cruiser and escaped when drug agents tried to arrest him jameson ended up crashing and running to a motel where he was arrested a nasa spacecraft is on its way to mars the insight lander said its path this morning in california too mars inside spacecraft blasted off saturday from vandenberg air force base hitching a ride on the atlas five rocket spectators could feel it but not see it due to dense fog it's the first interplanetary mission to launch from the west coast the mission insight will explore under the surface of the red planet scientists taking advantage of the earth's orbit aligning with mars orbit this month creating a socalled hov lane that will make the trip to mars a quick six months michelle franzen abc news breaking news in the highest esteem among its peers get the news at about edward r murrow award defendant not guilty of best newscaster emotional moment breaking news apps chusetts president dorchester lana jones accurate balanced group award law simply one place newswatch never stops wbz newsradio ten thirty wbz news time three twenty three traffic and weather together it's the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic.

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