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For the downtime they'll get during instruction chris davis ninetythree wibc mobile news the april jobs report is out the national unemployment rate fell to three point nine percent last month a nearly two decade low part of this is because the labor force participation rate actually fell the number of people participating by two hundred thirty six thousand fox business reporter adam shapiro at last check in march indiana's jobless rate was three point two percent he says they're cheating the state those the words of marion county prosecutor terry curry as several people are accused of tax evasion at teppanyaki restaurants all over the state not only are the businesses and restaurants are engaging in this conduct cheating the state of indiana more importantly they're cheating every single taxpayer the accused are owners of restaurants in indianapolis fort wayne tara evansville plainfield and lafayette a dog tortured and killed with a screwdriver has left her owner asking why john herrick i don't know how some i can't even do do that to an animal laurie snowden came home from a store on wednesday and found her dog peta bleeding from being stabbed about fifteen times she rushed to a clinic but by then it was too late mad better down that they can save her police haven't arrested anybody yet but they do have leads john herrick ninetythree wibc mobile news nasa is sending a new probe to mars to dig deep into the red planet surface if all goes as planned the insight lander will touch down on the martian surface a few days after thanksgiving of this year launch of the probe is slated for tomorrow morning from vandenberg air force base in california twelve oh three traffic on ninety three wibc on the west side just popping up here in the ninety three wibc newsroom for sixty five eastbound between seventy and man road is closed right now due to a fatal accident so we'll have more information on that coming up later on southside stop and go traffic for sixty five westbound between man road and kentucky avenue north side slow traffic for sixty five eastbound between alisonville road and sixty nine now the forecast from the american standard cooling weather center breezy this afternoon mild with.

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