The Daily 202: Trump is losing the debate over splitting up immigrant families


They have proposed immigration bill it is horrible they have two versions of an immigration bill which would in effect make this possible to do this by law that's what's being proposed by the republicans now and the other day the speaker ryan what he thought about this policy at an and he's he ducked the issue ducked the issue and he hadn't he hadn't heard what jeff sessions said you know i mean it hadn't been playing now you're the speaker and you don't know what's going on doc and we doc and we've mitchell you're on how are you hey mitchell new keep in mind you're losing the perspective that during the primary deborah n wash schultz aspired by the dnc for good reason she was colluding with the dnc and hillary so basically affects bernie sanders now with interesting is obama's reaction on that's that's not part of the inspector general's investigation no the democrat national committee on talking about what happened during the election thomas response was to trump could be see for yourself on youtube tober two thousand sixteen response to trump was this it's impossible to rig a general presidential election there's too many states there's too many liberal judges and his recommendation for trump was the porpoise bootstrap and go out and earn some votes now what happens is you have the general election hillary fails to win all the perennial swing states like florida ohio iowa pennsylvania and michigan okay and she comes up with this really nice narrative which i call as a red herring about russia collusion so who am i going to believe unbelieving obama on this one he's absolutely right you can't you cannot impact a us presidential election through all all fixing it okay and let me ask you this dick how many know i appreciate your history believe it or not how many cash us presidential elections have you noticed the term russian collusion with any of them that you've actually researched yourself.

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