Violence continues in Nicaragua, Opposition demand Presidential election


Name under the deal greece's neighbor will be known as north macedonia guy gilani reports the two prime ministers will meet at lake presper on the border between their countries the scientists symbolic struggling both the greek province called macedonia and the former yugoslav republic which is contentiously shared its name for the past three decades they'll put pen to paper on the greek side before heading for an early lunch and what they've agreed to call north macedonia they may receive a hot reception from protesters' police athens used tear gas to disperse thousands of people who gathered at the parliament building on saturday they were chanting traitors as the government fended off a noconfidence motion brought in reaction to the name agreement at least eight people have been killed in nicaragua day after the government and opposition agreed to cease fire to end weeks of unrest in the deadliest incident six members of one family were killed in an arson attack on their home a second day of talks mediated by nicaragua's roman catholic church has taken place will grant reports this crisis is now in its third month and the involvement of the clergy nicaragua was supposed to be seen as a calming influence on the ortega government and the antigovernment protestors however the efforts to end the violence now appear in disarray and there are still important questions at stake not least the demands from the opposition for new presidential elections as soon as possible president daniel ortega has said he has no intention of standing down before his term ends in twenty twenty one afghan government has urged the taliban to follow its lead and extend a ceasefire between their forces in a televised address president ashraf ghani said there was no justification for continued fighting a truce coinciding with edo fitter has been observed in much of afghanistan well jeez from the bbc the driver of a moscow taxi who injured seven people when he's called swerved into pedestrians says he fled the scene because he feared he might be killed by an angry crowd russian police have released video of some questioning the man he says he intended to break but mistakenly hits the accelerator because of tiredness after working at.

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