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Bruce a week ago. We were still overreacting or were we to it. Alabama did down in the swamp With a little more reflection maybe hearing that some of the players in the game where we're not one hundred percent thousand. It's just something that nick sabin said today in relation to one of his star linebacker. What what is your take of alabama after four weeks really really really good. I mean remember. They lost you. Know trump picks offense and bless you on the ground running and then remarkable ways and in control But that's just how long to you know what i mean. They looked great in the first couple of weeks. Timing wasn't very feed out right now. I'm interested to see how they plan again. I mean you know the two touchdowns fred or so. And i feel like it's going to be a lot closer than that but at the same time that actually statements twenty three and against his former ages. And i just don't know what day will be eight and see like saving is so is that they find a way to these tiny games and i wouldn't a couple more moments with bruce feldman bruce just looking around the country We know alabama. We know georgia. We think we know were again But what else Is there another team right now or teams that you think maybe maybe not on the same level but at least in the same ballpark. I'm interested to see we see from. Cincinnati has a lot of speed on the quarterback indefinite by week. Coming off of her. Name's i wanna see. Elizabeth playoffs and i think he really good. I just yeah. I don't know. I think a bunch of nfl on that team all coast. I wanna see it. I mean this is a good good notre dame in. it's not a great notre dame. I wanna see how they respond. Like i said that a by weekday she be able to attack notre dame. Let's see if they can really do it because they're not going to get a window into this much more than they have right now is good as it gets with bruce feldman joining us from the athletic many many things russo. You'd be well. We'll be watching this weekend. We're heading to a break. More of your phone calls eight five five two four two seven two eight five and our conversation lane kiffin forty minutes away listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast. Hey we're back linkin.

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