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Okay. Cool. Wanna make sure everyone. No go eight ten on. So we're, we're talking about the kids and where they fit in with LeBron with this team as the Lakers are now finally a team with playoff expectations. And what I think is going to be most interesting. What just happened there. We don't know. Let's what's interesting. I k I'm not sure what happened. What what I think is interesting just about this is Lonzo is the guy that potentially could end up making LeBron's life. A lot easier lot easier, but. I'm messing with them in the background of I'm told him in the flip side is lonzo's also the guy that looks on paper depending on what what they doing being the most awkward fit? Yeah, I'll say one thing to to their. I'll say one thing about Lonzo Ryan. You tell me out of all the players that will benefit most off LeBron James come into the Lakers between all these young kids. Who do you think benefits most? Do you think it's Lonzo? Do you think it's cool? You think it's Brandon Ingram based on their game. Who do you think benefits the most off the brand being on the Lakers one Lonzo. To Ingram, three coups MMA even Kouzmin style that Stoller being a spot up shooter guy that can knock it down LeBron wanting to obviously dish as much as he does. You still rank them like that. There's a language that's spoken between Rondo between LeBron between Lonzo and its high q.. I'm playing basketball, three and four reads ahead. You playing checkers on playing chess. You know what I'm saying? I'm thinking about the guy weakside help in the skip and coming off the pickerel. He goes under our re twist. Then I go under and who am I in if they're in a switching like those guys are speaking different languages thinks of the game? Yes, that you can only learn from somebody else that speaks that because as a coach, I can show you on film, but I can't really show you on the floor. There's there's different things from playing with from playing against LeBron from playing with Rondo that I see, it's I q, it's it's, it's another level. It's a whole nother basketball narrowed. You'd love this alley like hold hold. Second, I say Ingram because he can look LeBron defensively and go, oh wow, I can fight through screens awhile. I run the lane that should be a dunk, like consumption else go to Ingram and go and you gotta finish that with dunk on the break. Other than LeBron, oh, you're like me. Somebody else who can go and dunk that player like now you got hit their corner three dog while because you're you're like me. I can hit that coronary. He's who Ingram wants to be LeBron of course there's a lot of guys wanna be, but he even more so coups Muth in a distant third, y coups MMA will shoot the ball better on the floor because he doesn't have to create as many shots for himself, but kouzmines pretty much made product. And I don't want to say that there's not upside k with him, but he has. He plays an old mature bat. He knows who the heck he is. I don't have to recreate Kuzina those two guys need a lot of help aka. I think they're actually particularly Brandon Ingram. I think he's the guy most quip to help LeBron right now, like I. I think branding room is the second best player on this team. I know you think he was at. I know you think it's, I just said he's going to. He's we've had. We've had this. I. You agree with me. But, but that's interesting. That's very distinct out of those three that you think. I like the reason why Lonzo will benefit the most of LeBron off LeBron because of their IT levels. I you on that same you on that same level with the with Lonzo Lonzo me is going to be really interesting because so much of this has to do with his ability.

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