Rod Rosenstein, President Trump, Peachtree Corners Apartment discussed on Atlanta's Evening News and Rick Erickson


And the other somewhat startling Washington story this afternoon, the New York Times reporting deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein suggested wearing a wire too. To secretly record conversations with President Trump discussing invoking the twenty fifth amendment to remove the president Rosenstein flatly denying all of this as President Trump personally questions Christine Ford story today. Friends have rallied in his defense at the camp is a person of honor integrity, any person have strong moral character. A Republican judiciary counter offer to Ford which was made today. This was roughly a committee hearing Wednesday, some other conditions a five o'clock deadline to accept or decline has passed were told the new deadline is ten o'clock tonight. That will be the third deadline today. Two of them unmet Jura recommends more than thirty million dollars in damages. That's the verdict in that botched Clayton county. Circumcision lawsuit trial. I damn breach near Wilmington North Carolina. Power plant today sent coal ash flowing into the Cape. Fear river looks like a hover board caused that fire to Peachtree corners apartment complex last night that fire. Investigators say the hover board wasn't even plugged in. But caught fire on the living room floor homeowner reported not using the hover board they'd just received it as as a used hover boards. Spokesman Justin Wilson tells me as the third have aboard related fire. They've responded to this year. He batteries can become compromised through the use of the equipment in this latest fire at the fields Peachtree corners apart. Most of the damage was contained to the one unit but eight others suffered smoke and water damage in Gwinnett county. Sandra parrish. WBZ news time.

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